March 2024



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PledgeManager Portal Now Open! Shipping Begins April 8th!


I am so thrilled that after such a long time, we’ve finally reached time to ship the books out to you! ¬†You’ve been extremely patient with me throughout all of the delays, but never gave up on the goal of seeing this book in your hands, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As I’ve mentioned previously, fulfillment is being handled by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, via the PledgeManager portal.  All of the information you need to complete fulfillment is contained in this email.

Shipping Begins April 8th

Please pay for shipping on your order prior to April 7th for the fastest delivery. Read all information here thoroughly before heading to to complete your purchase. You can either click the link at the bottom of this Update, or look for an email directing you there. The email will arrive in the account you use for Kickstarter.

Add-On or Upgrade Your Pledge!

This is a special project (for so many reasons), and you may notice a different credit in than you paid in Kickstarter. If you pledged at the $50 reward level or above to receive one copy of the book, your credit is $60, so you can have one copy of the book in your cart. If you pledged less than $50, your original pledge value should appear as a credit so you can upgrade and purchase a $60 physical copy now.

Anyone may Add-On additional copies of Far West for $60 each. Shipping increases with each additional book and caps out at three copies.Whether you purchase five or 500 copies, you’re paying the same price as three to ship them all! To save on shipping, you may want to combine an order with a local friend. 

CAN and EU Shipments

To our friends living in the EU and Canada, please note that shipping prices include all taxes and duties to the best of our ability, using FedEx Intl and shipping direct from the warehouse in USA. 

While I know that many Kickstarter fulfillments can ship from within the EU, Far West is simply too small a project to be one of them. Please understand this is the best offer we can commit to given the circumstances. If by some miracle we end up shipping hundreds of copies of Far West to any one region internationally, so that bulk shipping discounts become available, we’ll process partial refunds in (but please don’t count on it). Thank you!

ROW Shipments

Shipping costs do not include any tax or duties paid or filings, and the cheapest service will be used. You will receive a tracking link, but it may not work beyond USA borders in some situations. 

We cannot reship lost packages. If you want to upgrade your shipment to include insurance and tracking, please email fulfillment, Pinnacle Customer Service at, before completing your order. Pinnacle Customer Service is available Mon-Fri and answers emails in the order received.

If you have any questions about using the portal please contact fulfillment at


Friends who may have missed the original Kickstarter can use the portal to order themselves a copy of the physical Far West book!

They can participate by going to:

Complimentary PDF with each purchase of a physical Far West book

Adamant Entertainment will gladly issue a free PDF to anyone with proof of purchase from the portal. Forward receipt of sale to . 

That’s all for now!  Thanks again for your support and your patience.

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment

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