August 2015



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Far West Inspirography: The Arti


It’s been far too long since the last post on this site, but now, as we’re finally getting ready for the release of the FAR WEST Adventure Game, we’re returning to regular content on the website. First up, a nifty bit of Inspirography!

Check out this trailer for THE ARTI: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS — a CG plus Puppets wuxia fantasy that was released for the Lunar New Year in Taiwan. Some nice FAR WEST inspirography here — it even has a Drudge!

As a friend said on Facebook: “It’s Wuxia Meets The Thunderbirds!”

It’s apparently already available on DVD/BluRay in Taiwan… here’s the description from the YesAsia webstore:

“Puppetry has a long and distinguished history in Chinese entertainment. Popularized amongst modern audiences in 1970s Taiwan, puppetry remains one of the most popular forms of traditionally inspired entertainment on the island nation, maintaining a regular public presence in the form of highly rated TV shows on a dedicated puppetry channel. The leader of Taiwan’s puppetry industry is, undoubtedly, Pili. In the past few decades, Pili has established itself as a maverick, incorporating new technologies into the traditional art form. The production company continues this pioneering spirit in The Arti: The Adventure Begins, a big-budget silver screen adventure that sees puppetry and CGI merge in perfect harmony.

When their father is killed, Zhang Mo and his sister Zhang Tong, a swordswoman, escape from their village with ARTI-C, a robot their father created. The group begins a perilous journey across a vast desert in search of Loulan, an ancient city that the siblings believe to house ARTI-C’s power source. As the three draw closer and closer to their destination, they remain unaware that each step takes them further into a looming war…”

Sounds very cool — If any of you have seen it, let us know what you thought!

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