March 2012



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Far West Music

Adamant Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of our first album of music for FAR WEST, Once Upon a Time in The Far West.

The five-track EP was composed and recorded by Lawrence, KS musician Sam Billen, and is available for sale at the Far West webstore, on Adamant Entertainment’s Bandcamp page, DriveThru, RPGNow and within the next couple of weeks will be available on Amazon, all iTunes Stores worldwide, MOG, Tesco, iMesh, Pasito|Tunes, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, VerveLife and Google Play.

Individual Tracks can be streamed here:

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About the Artist: Sam Billen is a busy man. Between raising his baby daughter with his wife, working full time at the University of Kansas, teaching ESL at Washburn University, and running his business that creates music for film, advertising, video games and other mixed media, FourBigWatts, he somehow finds plenty of time to dedicate to his passion – making music that moves.

After years of playing in a band called the Billions, Sam has journeyed off into a solo music career and is currently releasing his music through The Record Machine. Over the past couple of years, he has released a good amount of music: a digital EP entitled Tokyo Sessions, a full-length album called Headphones and Cellphones, a Christmas compilation (including songs by friends Half-Handed Cloud, The Paper Route, and Andrew Conner from Ghosty), a solo piano album called Death of a Saint, a constantly growing collection of his remixes and covers of the music that influences him in a project called Removers, and his most recent project, a Christmas album with his good friend Josh Atkinson.

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