January 2012



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Forum and Far West Society Now Live!

We’re pleased to announce that the official Far West Forum is now live! Head on over, register and take part in the palaver, using either the previous link, or the main menu button over there at left.

The forum will be your central discussion site for all things FAR WEST — questions, comments, conversations and more. We just opened the place, so I expect that there will be some dust here and there, and things may change as we open new categories up as sub-forums, but for now, come on in, put yer feet up and enjoy yourself.

You’re free to talk about anything related to Far West here — the game, the books, the site, even related “inspirography” materials. If it applies, go ahead! Try to keep off-topic discussions to a minimum — that stuff is probably more suited to off-forum discussion.

A quick note about our forum rules: We ask that all members try to adhere to the Confucian values of Jen and Li:

Jen, translated as “humanity” or “humaneness”, is the highest Confucian value, and is cultivated by exhibiting benevolence and care toward others. In other words, be nice.

Li, translated as “propriety” “ritual” or “etiquette”, is respect for traditional practices and conventional mores, in order to restore and maintain an order in society. In other words, observe etiquette and be polite to each other.

That’s it — nothing too onerous.

The forum also features a private subform for members of The Far West Society, our official fan membership community, available by subscription. Information on the Far West Society can be found by clicking the appropriate menu button as well. If you were a Kickstarter backer who received a Society membership as part of your backer package, be sure to fill in the field when you sign up for the forum that refers to your name as registered. I’ll be checking that field against our Backers list to confirm membership and grant you access to the private subforum. (To clarify, that’s your real name that you paid under, not the name you chose.)

If you’re not already a Society member, subscriptions are available over on the Far West Society page, for only $10.00 US for a six-month membership.

Thank you, and we look forward to talking with you!

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