September 2011



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Video Update: Progress and Process

Hey there, folks —

Taking a brief breather from working on the FAR WEST Adventure Game to post the following video update, which was filmed for our Kickstarter backers. It gives a brief look at where we stand in the project, and then a discussion of some of the research materials that we’ve been using on FAR WEST. Links for the books discussed can be found following the video, below:




  1. Jonathan Young says:

    No judging from me on Kung Fu Panda….I have both art books, have the 2 dvds that are out, awaiting the 2nd movie to come out on dvd….and waiting for the tv series!

    And now I have to blame you for some more upcoming purchases. I HAVE to own that Avatar book.

  2. Twila Price says:

    Hey, I have two grandchildren living with me, and I LOVE Kung Fu Panda! No judging here at all at all. Just feeling poorer in prospect of buying more books. 🙂

  3. Claire Redfield says:

    An interesting look at the process behind developing Far West, for which I’m very excited. Also, Gareth, you look way different than I imagined.

    Keep up the good work!

    • admin says:

      Now I’m curious about how you imagined me….. 🙂

      • Claire Redfield says:

        Hard to say, but certainly not as youthful and jovial, I guess would be the best word. I figured you’d be more dour, for some reason. You seem rather upbeat here, which is good!

        • Claire Redfield says:

          Appearance-wise, definitely beardless, maybe a darker complexion (to go with this more serious, almost dour look I had given you in my mind’s eye), more angular, almost meaner in a way. Hardened. Hehe… weird, right? But still, anyway, it was a pleasant surprise!

  4. I do not understand the “why” completely, but I have such a huge craving over this project. I am trying desperately to be patient and stay out of the way (so to speak). I so want to see, well everything. The same day this video came out, I had one question after another roll through my head about world development. Luckily, I managed to keep myself suppressed, though I think I lost some sleep over it.

    Am I alone? Is anyone feeling like I am? I believe the development staff is in a different catagory outside what I am describing.

    • Claire Redfield says:

      I feel similarly. I’m actually really excited for this game. It totally fills a niche that no other game currently does for me.

  5. Dave says:

    I’m very interested in this game and the extended narrative endever but I’ve got to say that the most exciting thing about this post is it introduced me a text that has writing by both Ken Hite and Henry Jenkins!

  6. While I was up around Mission, Oregon a couple of weeks ago, I found this great box set. While I was hanging out at the Arrowhead Travel Plaza, I spotted a collection of Spaghetti Westerns. 20 movies in a tin box for $9.95. What a steal!

    I just finished watching “The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe” which is about a travelling Chinese man. After landing in San Francisco, he bout a stage coach ticket for Texas. Talk about a wild ride.

    For new and current fans of this project, this has to be one great possibility to get a good idea about the mashup theme. Hard to believe it was rated R. I guess that was the standard for 1972. So what if a guy jammed what was left of his arm into a fire after getting it lobbed off by a sword.

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