June 2024



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Tabletop RPG Core Rulebook

Western.          Wuxia.          WILD.

Imagine a fantasy setting that shatters the tropes of Medieval Europe.

Imagine a collision of Spaghetti Westerns and Chinese Wuxia by way of Steampunk.

Imagine a world where gunslingers and kung fu masters face off against Steam Barons and the August Throne.

Imagine fantastic machines powered by the furies comprising the fabric of the universe.

Imagine an endless frontier where wandering heroes fight for righteous causes while secret societies engage in shadow wars.



Adamant Entertainment is proud to present the Far West Adventure Game, our western-wuxia mash-up tabletop RPG. Over a decade in development, this rulebook contains everything you need to play the game.


MP3 Album

A 5-track EP from musician Sam Billen, Once Upon A Time In The Far West paints a portrait of wandering warriors, furious action and the endless vistas of the Far West.

1. Theme From Far West
2. The Last Horizon
3. Fistful of Bastards
4. Showdown
5. Masters of the Dust Road


Paperback (5.5″ x 8.5″) or eBook (EPUB, MOBI & PDF)

Imagine: A fantasy world, but not one based on Medieval/Dark Ages European culture and myth, but rather on the tropes of the Spaghetti Western and Chinese Wuxia. Add steampunk elements. Mix well.

A fantasy world that mixes the inspirations of Django and Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonThe Good, The Bad & The Ugly and House of Flying DaggersFistful of Dollars and Fist of Legend.

A fantasy world that’s explored through a book series, a constantly-updated website, a tabletop role-playing game, comics, artwork, webseries and much, much, more.

This is FAR WEST.

Tales of the Far West is the first book in Adamant Entertainment’s Wuxia-Western mash-up, featuring a dozen all-new tales written by critically-acclaimed and award-winning fantasy, science-fiction, horror and adventure authors, including:

  • “He Built The Wall To Knock It Down”by Scott Lynch: A master teaches an unforgettable lesson in the pursuit of excellence in all things.
  • “In Stillness, Music”by Aaron Rosenberg: A wandering musician is all that stands between a village and a cattle baron.
  • “Riding The Thunderbird”by Chuck Wendig: A herd of giant, flightless birds, a young girl, and a sudden lesson.
  • “Purity of Purpose”by Gareth-Michael Skarka: Who seeks the secret of the Unsurpassed Weapons?
  • “Paper Lotus”by Tessa Gratton: A strange girl tasks a wounded man to deliver a crucial message.
  • “In the Name of the Empire”by Eddy Webb: A sheriff is charged with the murder of an Imperial Magistrate.
  • “Errant Eagles”by Will Hindmarch: A gunslinger faces the consequences of his past.
  • “Railroad Spikes”by Ari Marmell: A bandit finds that he’s robbed the wrong train.
  • “The Fury Pact”by Matt Forbeck: An inventor’s son faces the responsibility of his name.
  • “Seven Holes”by T.S. Luikart: An apprentice learns the true nature of demons.
  • “Local Legend”by Jason L. Blair: Red Phoenix was dead, and the bounty hunter tells the tale.
  • “Crippled Avengers” by Dave Gross: A band of fighters seek to take revenge on the steam baron who crippled them.

Purchase of TALES OF THE FAR WEST Digital Edition includes a zip file will the book in all three major formats: EPUB, compatible with Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble Nook; MOBI, compatible with Amazon’s Kindle; and Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF), all for one price.

Amble’s Map:

Digital Download  

Adamant Entertainment is proud to present the first available product in the Kickstarter-record-breaking FAR WEST line: a digital copy of the map of the Far West that will appear in the endpapers of the Limited Edition of the FAR WEST Adventure Game rulebook, done by cartographer Andrew Law.

The 10-page PDF can be printed and assembled into a 22 x 34 inch copy of the map of the Far West — a vast area spanning more than 7,000 miles across. Also included with your purchase is a hi-res JPG of the entire map, for use as a digital copy.

The Secession Wars ended with the inevitability of a coming winter.

The new world was created. Peace and prosperity for all. For those who had lost everything in the War, there was no place for them. They headed west, to start new lives. For warriors, even those who had fought on the winning side, there was no place for them, either. Steeped in too much blood, and possessed of a skill and trade that was no longer desired, they also headed west.

Beyond the Periphery lies the Frontier. Settlements began to blossom. Yet even here the flower of civilization asked too much tending, and so men and women pushed further West.

Beyond the Frontier. Into the Far West.

“I look to the North,
the cold wind smells of pine and iron.
I look to the East,
the cool wind smells of jasmine and brine.
I look to the South,
the warm wind smells of citrus and loam.
I will not look to the West,
for the wind is full of dust,
and it smells of blood and glory.”

– Loora Vol, Poetess