• In an effort to get back to ramping this site back up to full speed ahead, I'm starting this thread to allow backers who have been sent the redesigned FAR WEST rules manuscript chapters to ask questions, comments, or otherwise discuss the system -- and I'm making the conversation public, so that non-backers can read along, and thereby get a sneak preview of what's coming!
  • Way of the Silent Spider
    double statement regarding "unranked"?
  • I'm curious to read more about Joss. It sounds like it'll come up a lot - rolling a pair on two six-sided dice is pretty easy with small numbers of dice, and once you reach seven dice it's guaranteed. What happens when you've got more than one double? Are triples even more luck?
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    Plus: Puppetfox

  • So I've just finished reading section VII, sorry for the delay. It seems clear enough. I do want to work through some cog science simulations to get a better idea of time and cost, to confirm that complicated work can spiral out to debt and time issues. If true, I view this as a good thing. I am in two minds about whether a more detailed example would be useful. On one hand it would save the reader some time in understanding the process, but on the other hand I think it's important for a Narrator to manual work through some ideas so they arn't fumbling around during actual play.

    Over all, I had some ideas about what I wanted players to be able to do within the game, and the systems seem to provide good basis and limits to create those ideas.
  • Hi, I was in on the preorder. Just curious how much longer until the PDFs are released. I think the last update I saw said that it would be before the holidays. Thanks in advance.

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