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  • That's awesome! I really like the moody colors and textures, the unique perspective, and especially the dynamic emotion in his expression! Very cool. :)
  • Awesome indeed!

    Gareth aside from the fact that you might have too few hands, you do great in the art department as well.
  • Thanks!

    Yeah, too few hands, and I could also use another day or two per week. :)
  • jehosephat +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I like the little cracks in the gun butt. It's a little detail that lets you know the pistol has seen some hard use.

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

  • I like the composition. I can't think of another picture that captures that angle. I can't recall an action shot from a movie that hits that kind of mark.
  • Super digging this one. I love the colors, too.
  • Those were the reference photos that I based the drawings on, yes. (well, at least the Dragon Lee still from the public domain film "The Real Bruce Lee", and the Warrior silhouette. Not sure about the gunbelt, I've got a ton of clothing stock, not sure if that's the one or not).

    Ah, yes -- I see that this is the result of an RPGnet head-hunt.

    Since I'm not allowed to defend myself there, I'll point out a few things here: One, I'm quite aware of the transformative requirements for creating artwork from existing imagery. Two, the above images are NOT the result of "simply applying Photoshop filters" -- they were done, by hand, using a digital pen and a Yiynova MPS19U pen tablet monitor, using the same process that has always applied to Far West art from the beginning, whether done by me, or by Rick Hershey -- create digital collages from multiple sources, then use those as the reference photo for a hand-drawn digital work. If you'd like I can give you the brush settings, etc. Or, perhaps after I get the book out the door, I'll post a process video to youtube.

    I suspect that none of this will matter to the folks in the RPGnet thread, but I needed to say it anyway.
  • " I see that this is the result of an RPGnet head-hunt"
    The thread is called "Far West-Status?" and it was started by someone who wondered how it was going...he posted on because you weren't answering questions about Far West.
    you are more than 3 years need to take your lumps and just get the damn thing done.
    people gave you $50,000 on the assumption that you would produce the quality game you were selling in a reasonable time frame.
    It's not a head hunt...people are tired of the delays and want what they paid for.
  • I don't want to sound like an ass, but Far West is what made me create a Kickstarter account. It is the first thing I have ever backed. I've backed nearly 150 things since then and the majority of them I have the completed products of, more recent ones withstanding.

    I've been a fan of GMS since his original Underworld posts on back in the day. I was an aspiring student back then and have since done the whole college ordeal and worked in the games industry on a variety of products.

    I haven't been on in a long time, so I am definitely not a part of a head-hunt, but these pictures... I don't even know what to say. My words have failed me.

    I'm just looking forward to actually having the book soon.

  • Tom--
    I'm not referring to the thread, the thread is fine. I'm referring to the art-criticisms from folks like "Wields-Rulebook-Heavily" (who's a guy named Andri Erlingsson, who has a long-time grudge against me, and isn't a backer). That's the head-hunt I was talking about. He's done it before, to me and other designers. He's somewhat infamous for it.

  • Gentlemen, pardners, fellow wanderers of the dust road…

    … It seems we are mixing two different things here and flavor with a lot of over boarding emotion.
    One thing is Gareth used existing photos as a reference. Ask a lawyer whether that is illegal or not. I don´t know. As long as the creation process involves some genuine creativity and a bit of sweat it counts as honest work for me. Painters create portraits from photographs as well and they are still considered artists.

    The other thing is that this game is late. Yes, it is. I was too late myself to back Far West but I purchased my regular copy of the core rulebook in August 2012 so I understand what you mean when you say overdue. FAR WEST is overdue since long. And yes I do not fully understand myself why Rick Hershey´s exit had such an impact on the operation or why he wasn´t replaced. There should have been a budget for that or the kick starter was miscalculated. After all, Rick wouldn´t have worked for a warm handshake and few kind words alone even if he had stayed. What is more, GMS is not a newbie in the RPG world. After twenty years (I think) and heading his own company he can hardly claim lack of experience. So something did go royally wrong with FAR WEST, something probably only GMS understands in full because no one else has been in his shoes for the last three years.

    Having that said, that does not mean we have to get personal. It seems that GMS has acquired a bit of an asshole reputation on the internet. All I can say is that I found him helpful and polite in my email exchanges with him. Experiences might vary but that is what I can vouch for, nothing else. He has never in any way been disrespectful or even impatient towards me. Yes he got 50k from his backers and I´m sure at least those who invested a three-digit or four-digit amount into the game really want to know what the score is. I´m not even thinking about Cubicle 7 here. We are all entitled to know what gives. Just watch your manners when you ask. Until further notice I am convinced that things will work out. Gareth is a known figure in the business. If he runs with the money I think we agree he´s done in this line of work. 50k are a lot of cash but not enough to blow away twenty years of work.

    I urge Gareth to get this fragging game out and perhaps to be a bit more open about why it is all so difficult. And I urge everyone else to behave themselves. Criticism delivered by grown-up people with a modicum of manners is due. I think we are beyond the point where Gareth can ignore critical voices. Witch hunts however, belong into the Middle Ages.

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