March 2023



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Far West Society

The Far West Society is our official fan membership community, available via subscription.

Society members receive special offers on Far West products, including exclusive merchandise not offered for sale to the public. The Society receives access to a private members-only forum, where they have direct access to the Far West Core Development Team, as well as early access to information and material before it is released via the main site.

Most importantly, however, the Far West Society has the ability to add material to the official Far West canon, and to directly influence the outcome of events within the setting. Society members can propose new characters, locations, organizations, events and more, and those proposals are discussed and collaborated upon by their fellow members. The proposals are honed to razor-sharpness by the community, and incorporated by the Core Development Team into the official setting!

The Core Development Team also comes to the Far West Society will official calls for submissions and opinions on specific topics, relevant to the development of the Far West setting and property. How should a particular event play out? Should this character die, or live to fight another day? Which actor do you think had the better audition for this role in the webseries?

Membership in the Far West Society is available for only $10.00 US for a six-month subscription, by clicking the button below.


Once you’ve subscribed, please send us an email, letting us know your username on the Forum, so we can grant you access to the private Far West Society subforum.