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A Look At The Clans, Part Three

Here we are with another look at the forthcoming Far West tabletop role-playing game. Over the few weeks, we’ll be taking a multi-part look at the secret society factions in the setting: The Clans of the Far West. Last time, we examined The Preachers and The Foxglove Society. In this installment: The Twin Eagle Security Agency and The Iron Dragons.

The Twin Eagle Security Agency

A private security and detective force that can be hired by anyone with enough to offer them, members of the Twin Eagle Security Agency are “citified” dandies who rely on gadgets and flashy weapons as the tools of their trade. Unlike the other Clans, the Twin Eagle Security Agency is not based in the Far West, but are an officially-chartered business enterprise in the Empire proper. Their operatives can be found within the borders of the Empire, throughout the Periphery, and out into the Far West itself.

Their primary purpose is twofold: They can be hired as either a private security force, providing protection to assigned clients; or they can be hired as private detectives or police, acting as the legally-designated agents of their client in matters of criminal law (much like Bounty Hunters). In some settlements in the Far West, the Twin Eagles hold the contract as the official law enforcement body, rather than acting as freelancers.

Twin Eagles stand out among the other Clans in their manner and dress– much more urban, educated, and ‘civilized’ — as well as in their use of technology. The finest and newest technology — steam-driven, fury-engined, clockwork and more — are found within the Twin Eagle quartermaster’s inventory, and each agent usually has several devices at their disposal on any assignment. In fact, the training and access to this gear serves in the place of any secret kung fu style for the Twin Eagle Security Agency, although individual agents are almost always versed in at least one of the more widely-known fighting styles as well.

The Iron Dragons

The members of the Iron Dragon Clan work aboard trains as laborers — porters, stevedores, coal-men, engineers and conductors — defending trains, cargos and rail travellers from bandits and other dangers. Some Iron Dragons actually own and operate small independent railway companies, who often find themselves at odds with the Steam Barons — the rich industrialists from back east who own the large Chartered Houses and many of the railways into the Far West.

Iron Dragons have a reputation for neutrality in Clan disputes, at least insofar as the conflict does not negatively impact the rails or those who ride them. This reputation has led to them being often placed in the role of judge in quarrels between Clans, as both sides can be assured of a just and sage decision, untainted by personal interests. For this reason, many treaty agreements between warring Clans are worked out aboard moving trains, under the auspices of the Iron Dragons’ judgement.

The Iron Dragon’s secret kung fu style, the Bell Resounding, is based upon the wielding of a pair of metal batons, each two to three feet in length. Iron Dragon Masters are said to strike with such a furious flurry of blows that the batons ring like chimes for up to a minute afterward.


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