• Danieru1
    Just watched a fantastic Korean film called "The Good the Bad the Weird". An absolute must for fans of this RPG genre along with ,"Sukiyaki Western Django".
    April 2013
  • Danieru1
    DND, first addition. Bloody auto-correct!
    April 2013
  • Danieru1
    As a gamer since end first edition, I am always interested in new games coming out. Last year my daughter bought me for Christmas on a whim, the movie, "Sukiyaki Western Django". I can say with complete honesty that it is without doubt my favorite western. Once I saw this game was coming out I was jazzed! Just want to say that I run games at conventions in the Illinois area Evey year and I look forward to spreading the word about this game at upcoming conventions. I have a con coming up in June ( Die on) and would love to put some flyers out. Any chance you guys could put together a promo flyer for download so I can get copies printed up and put out for the crowd?
    April 2013

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