What's this place called again?
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    Here's a little chart I made up for random Far West settlement names. Fold, spindle, or mutilate as you see fit. Sometimes you may need to fiddle with the order or add or remove plurals to make it work. But it's a jumping-off point if you're stuck. Advice on that is welcome.

    Revised 4/4/12
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69874118/Far West settlement name generator 20120404.pdf
  • That is really cool, thanks for the hard work!
  • This is fantastic.
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    Would it be okay if I maybe made a web genrator or java app of this? This could be very handy
  • By all means, Yuutousei.
  • Awesome. I'll let you know when I'm finished! Trying to figure out how to make it randomly select from a randomly chosen combination is harder than I first thought...
  • Brilliant! Thank you very much--this will be seeing use very, very quickly.

    (Quick! More wine for our elder brother, that he may continue composing!)
  • Great start Greatwyrm! Anybody up for expanding the lists to 20 each? I just researched the color wheel, 202+ options there. How is this for an expanded list?


    I know, Jade is listed in Substance, which I think needs to be listed there too. I believe a combination of Colors+Substances could work. Black Gold, Pink Diamond, or Chartreuse Quartze. Oh wait, haven't finished my substance list yet. Yes, Xanadu is a color. It is an odd Green-Grey... or is that Grey-Green? Can be seen in body decomposition. Wierd huh?

    Might have to work Jade Jade a little, but it might make a great mining town. Jade's Jade or something.
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    Might also want to have an adjective list: Blessed, Glorious, Cursed, Thrice-Spurned, that sort of thing.

    Plus: Greatwyrm, Felyn

  • Greatwyrm +1 -1 (+0 / -1 )
    I'll have to have to go back to the drawing board for some of this. 8-)

    Minus: Xabulba

  • Lithicbee??? Why didn't you just share the one you wrote? :)

    I think at this point it should be a community thing. Why put the whole workload on Greatwyrm? Though I will adopt whatever his final judgement is. Since it is his baby to share.
  • I just figured out the combinations part just now. It too is 20 entries. Ouch. How do you work in additional lists and combinations?
  • Well if there are new combos, you could use d100...

    Still working on making a 'net version of the generator. I think I got it working on console but I have found that me and Javascript don't get along.
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    Guys, I just did what I did because it used a d20 and fit nicely on one piece of paper when I tried to make it into a pdf. All I'm concerned with is making something that makes some GM's life marginally easier. Apart from that, go nuts.

    I'll be happy to expand some of the lists when I can. The colors, for example, were what my extensive experience with Chinese culture* deemed appropriate. I'm happy to take additional suggestions.

    *Note: Actual experience may be limited to Chinese restaurants, subtitled movie text, and one wikipedia page.

    Plus: rexroad33

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    Woot! Partial victory.

    --Edit: Please see first post for most current link.--
  • Buffalo is a nickname for "bison" from our world. They're just called "bison" in the Far West.

    There are also "Grep" and "Klinach" - but that would throw off the 20 entries. Maybe as alternates for Rattlesnakes and Roosters?

  • I'll swap out Buffalo for Bison in the next version.

    I'd really like to keep rooster (Chinese zodiac) and rattlesnake (uh... west). I'll add the others and we can just expand. If I can get it back in nice multiples of 10, things should work out okay.

    Should I just assume people know how to get d30 rolls, etc, since this is geared for GMs?
  • rexroad33 I haven't fit in your stuff yet. I like it, but I'm trying to figure out how to do it and minimize screwball combinations at the same time.
  • Greatwyrm said:

    I'll swap out Buffalo for Bison in the next version.
    Should I just assume people know how to get d30 rolls, etc, since this is geared for GMs?

    Speaking personally, I generate D30 rolls by rolling a D30 :-)
  • Greatwyrm - I meant "alternates" as in Rattlesnake / Grep - Rooster / Klinach - not actually removing either Rattlesnake or Rooster from the list. Both creatures certainly exist in the West... in fact, lots of rattlesnakes. :)

    I like your d30 solution. I have one of those in blood red.
  • Greatwyrm said:

    Should I just assume people know how to get d30 rolls, etc, since this is geared for GMs?

    d30? really? Okay when did I miss seeing that die? ...ehem, sorry I haven't bought dice in quite a long time. Since like when I bought mine from Chessex directly like a dozen years ago as a game-store manager. I heard Thursday you can buy thru Amazon. whut?

    So like how do I get d30 results without a d30 die? eh, maybe I will just buy one. As for a 30 entry list, I like that.

    Wikipedia has a Chinese color wheel. Though I couldn't exactly read it. If it had subtitles, I didn't stick around long enough to find them.

    wait... is there a d30 on my phone app? I do have a Die Generator.

  • They're fairly large. They don't roll as long as the d100, which looks like a massive golf ball and rolls forever.

    Easiest way to simulate (short of an app) d3 and a d10 together.
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    I expanded some of the lists and tried to incorporate some of rexroad33's ideas.

    I also have a new chart idea I'm working on.

    Plus: lithicbee

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    Executable Jar Version
    This one's better because it incorporates the revised lists (4/2/12) as well as the random person generator. The only differences are...
    • The splitting of "Two" and "Twin"
    • The inclusion of "Sorrow" in the ideas list
    • Using "Blond" instead of "Blonde" (Blonde refers to a female with blond hair. Blond is the adjective :D)
    • Eliminating one "Brass" from the substance list -- it's listed twice in the latest copy

    To open the jar via command line:
    java -jar FarWest.jar

    It will require you to be in the correct directory though.

    Enjoy! Hopefully I will get an online version working so you don't have to do wonky coding stuff to make it work.

    So javascript and I don't agree with each other...

    Instead I made it in java. You can download the class here. I only know how to run from cmd line (this is a good tutorial, although you can skip stuff since you shouldn't need to compile) so yeah... Sorry about that ^^; If there's any problems, tell me and I'll drop the .java as well, I guess.

    Right now this version only has the original data from Greatwyrm -- I'll add the other stuff later.
    I'm having a friend of mine help me with javascript so I can hopefully have a web copy instead of clunky, hard to use java.

    As more generable content goes up, I'll add options to the program. Just, right now I want to get this posted <3</strike>

    Plus: Greatwyrm

  • Some updates. New link at the top.
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    Hey, Greatwyrm -- can we stick this in the rulebook? I think it would make a nice addition to the game.

    If yes, how would you like to be credited?
  • Sure! Sent you a private message with my info.
  • Greatwyrm +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Okay, I just realized I put my name at the top of it to begin with. So, yes, I'd love that and please list me as Chad Stevens.

    Plus: GMSkarka

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