Far West Tumblr, In search of fellow co-conspirators!
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    So, hi! I'm Yuutousei and I've been running Far-West which is a Far West fansite (maybe the first one?).

    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Tumblr, but it's essentially a microblogging website. I've been using this one to reblog the news and happenings of the Far West project so far, but I hope in the future to include fanart and works, play throughs, reactions, commentary pretty much ANYTHING that pertains to this awesome project.

    Now that the forums are up, I guess now would be a great time to ask if any fellow fans would like to maintain it with me? I'm a student and the site, sadly, does not get all the love and attention it deserves so having at least one other mod (or more!) would be awesome. Even if you don't want to have all that responsibility, I'm always looking for submissions of whatever too :D
  • I'd say the first. I know how you feel. I am a gamer by night, and professional driver by day. I have a website too, and it might recieve an update every two weeks or so. My fan page for Far West went up 13 January 2012.

    Cool deal you got there Yuutousei. I hope you don't mind, but I linked your site in the Community Navigation at Three-Sisters.

  • Please modify the fonts used on your site if possible, Yuutousei. The current one is very straining to the eye, not so pretty, and a bit out of theme.

  • @kairam ::: thanks for the comment! I'll work on it later in the week. Just finishing up midterms now. I didn't realize the font was so bad.

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