Tales of the Far West
  • 'Clangor' is nice, but I would use 'clamor' in that context, FWIW. Or possibly 'noise'.

    'Clangor' is a word I can dimly recall having read once or twice, but it's so rare that if it had been there I would have assumed it was a typo. Doing some corpus searches, it seems very much a sword & sorcery word since the 20th century. It also seems more common in US sources, so perhaps that's part of it too.
  • I'd rather it be delayed longer to make sure every, little detail's polished, but even then I understand that mistakes get through. As one-of-a-kind as these books are going to be, I'm sure GMS and Friends are going over it with a fine-toothed comb.
  • That's what second editions are for and why your first editions gain value.
  • "I'm not looking for murder-hobos, by any stretch of the imagination. :D I feel that would be a disservice to the setting. "

    (sorry, still learning the quote system)

    I'll have to remember "murder-hobos" the next time my friends start talking about their D&D campaign. Seriously though, it would be so easy for the campaign to be the cliche party of adventurers who wander and fight (and there's nothing wrong with that if it's the kind of game you want). Kudos to the Adamant guys for making this setting something more than just that.
  • I have been... ? ...enlightend? I have never heard of this word, clangor. That should be the name of a Klingon ship class. ...and speaking of murder-hobos, whut? Well, which one of these should count as that one thing sombody learns each day?

    (what doesn't count)
  • I really liked the stories and only noticed one "glaring" group of typos. In the last story Denson appears as Denison a few times.
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    If you enjoyed "Crippled Avengers," you'd probably dig Master of Devils, which is full of even more crazy wuxia action, including monsters and magic.

    I did mean "clamor," as in a racket in the workshop which Pei Pei assumes to be a smithy, but I can certainly see how the word "smithy" would make you think of a clangor.

    Plus: JadeScorpion

  • I stand officially corrected. :)
  • Hey, heads up!

    Tales was mentioned in today's DriveThruRPG newsletter!
  • Ok, I have a question re: Errant Eagles. [SPOILERS]
    Would someone explain it to me? I'm confused about what was the point of it all...
    Redhand and Marsdan kill each other and I don't know why.
    Redhand killed the guy who killed Marsdan's sister, who it looks like was Redhand's wife. And Marsdan went after Redhand because he didn't kill the guy when he first caught him.

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    TALES OF THE FAR WEST has been nominated in the category of "Best RPG-Related Product" in the 2012 ENnie Awards:

  • Sorry to bring back an old thread.....necroposting or whatever its called....
    I know that its been a busy time and things are finally coming to a head and such, but I was wondering if the hard copies of the anthology were ever sent out? I just realized I never finished reading it, which made me wonder if they got sent out and I missed it somehow.
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    Hardcopies were only going to be going to the backers at "Immortal of the Far West" level and above -- everybody else got digital. The hardcopies will be sent along with the core rulebook for those folks who are owed copies.

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

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    Ah.... I was just checking as I hadnt remembered what happened. I am one of the Immortals and just wondered.
  • ehh... whuat? Only the Immortals? Did I miss something?
  • doh... I forgot what was being talked about.
  • That makes two of us.
    (I just had to delete what was written here)

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