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  • Somewhere in "Games you want to play in the Far West" I had said that I have been basically up to no good. Sort of. I have some wanted posters of a couple characters I am working on. Mostly for my attempts at screenwriting. Maybe more for fun, than anything else. These are not general pitch ideas at the moment. These are characters I have been using, and they will be in my Far West campaigns also. I hope you like. Thank you, and Stay Safe.


    Rumor Mill: Ol' Elbow is quite the cuss. He is hard on the men who work for him. He knows his cattle.
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    Rumor Mill: I seen this fella in action. I think his real name Olee Kwan, or sumpthing. Not sure. I wathched him face down this fella on the open deck of the Brigadier Queen. I doesn't know me where he gots this broken arrow, but he flung it down at the dude's foot. It stapled him right to the wood planking. Haw haw haw! The look on the cowpoke's face. He couldn't move while the lil' fella flailed on him a couple time like a boxer might.
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    Rumor Mill: Well this sorry excuse for breathing, is probably best know as a Space Cowboy. He spends more time riding higher than the moons with whatever loco weed he can conjure up on short notice.
  • A suitable collection of rogues, tapsters, bawds, and ne'er-do-wells! Or, as my copy of Outlaws of the Marsh would have it, rascals.

    Plus: rexroad33

  • This new poster is based on somebody we all might know, or heard of. As for working out his background, I know I can use a lot of help to make it a better Far West fit. Anybody have some ideas? Thanx, Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!


    Rumor Mill: Long ago, I worked for him indirectly. I was just another cowpoke out on the ranch. I answered to the Cattle Boss. The boss answered to him. I was trying to survive back in them days. I would almost be sure, he never knew my name.

    Today, Gip has an answer for anything and everything. He has a whip-smart mind, and an unshakable tact for getting the work done right the first time.

    Back Story: There is some truth based on my relationship to the orignal person. Back in my own Army days, I did work for him. However, the character shouldn't be the same as who it is based on. I don't know exactly what I am striving for. In an odd fasion, this Gip character could be a lot like Woodrow Dolarhyde. Harrison Ford played one mean character in Cowboys & Aliens. On a side track, one more movie on the list of films made in New Mexico.
  • The day job slowed down. Stuck in the warmer climate of Fontana, CA. Sat in the driver's lounge, and just doodled all day.


    Ol' namless here is another thumbnail I scratched out. While doing so, I was thinking Rob Zombie should make a new movie. Maybe a Western/Wuxia mashup. Rumor is Quentin Taratino has Django Unchained done for 2012.
  • Like I said, been slow around here on this side of the keyboard. It's a wonder I can do anything with all of this time on my hands. I hope you like these new posters. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!

  • So if Hayanzo is a legitimate Guardsman then who is he WANTED by, and why?
    Perhaps he's just too damn honest for his own good, and gotten on the wrong side of the powers-that-be?
  • Yarp... I guess Former Guardsman could have fit in there. You are right. I would say, but that might spoil my fun. hrmm... too honest? That might be an interesting spin to the story.
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    Rumor Mill: I doubt there is any truth to this. I heard that JW is looking for the real JW, to kill him and take his identity. Strange?
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    Or maybe JW is being framed for another crime done by a doppelganger (or someone good with disguises) and is going after 'em to try and clear his name?
    But the group that framed him ain't gonna let him off that easy.

    Plus: rexroad33

  • Awesome looking stuff Sir!
  • These posters are very cool.
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    Wait... there's more.


    Plus: lithicbee

  • Thanks for checking my pics out. I have Rick to thank for getting me all fired up about scratching paper again. I must also thank GM and TS for thier valuable input.

    Anyhoo, I was browsing around for props and wardrobe last night. I had to go look, because I had this great book in my collection that is probably gone for ever. I couldn't even begin to remember it's title. It had some illustrations in it of Chinese armor and weapons. It might have been a Palladium publication. It was a small book, and unlike thier other books. Anyhoo, I am glad I went out on the internet. I discovered a Chinese Musket. It is what I based my illustration on.


  • One of the details I focused on was the trigger assembly. I am not familiar with this weapon. The notion I have about it, had me rework the design. My stock bar has teeth because of when the weapon will be used in melee. I have some engineering quirks in my head about little Chinese tricks like the finger cuff. During a fight, one technique is a thrust which would have the dragon bite (look at my illustration) and it wouldn't let go. While shooting, the bar acts like a safety. "Close mouth before shooting." This way if the weapon was stolen and that person wasn't aware of the safety feature, then on good chance the thief would lose an arm. The kickback would just shred the shooter's shoulder.

    The one I am showing is the smaller of three types. I don't have a name for the individual musket. The team operated one, I think is called Tiaqiang. The largest is tripod mounted and is called a Jingall. I also don't have acurate sizes, yet. I think the small one is .54 cal. Talk about some serious bite from either end.
  • Ah yes, the Chinese Musket. Bringing new meaning to the phrase "Long Arm." :)
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    Why yes. Yes I am. Reading my copy of TotFW. Some custom tailoring went into my version.


    Yellowboy Brass, Octagonal Barrel, Wire Cutter (on handle), Kiss Blade (on lever), Grep Hide grips.
    .44 cal for about 5 shots depending on chamber spring.
  • Awesome work there rexroad33....keep it up!
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    I may have to wait and see how close I got.

  • These are all awesome, rexroad. Do we have your permission to use them in future campaigns? With citation, of course.
  • I would like to hear about how they were utilized, please. Good, bad, or even ugly. Straight shots and rumormilling too. ohh, and even as targets for pistol, blowgun, and knife throwing practice.

    Yes, I am okay with anything posted here. My Far West fan-page @ might not include very much more. Once I get a little more time to spend on my updates, then I will show how I am using them. My fingers are itching to get at some more paper, but the day job keeps calling me back into the driver seat,
  • I found one of my old doodles. I made this sketch about 8 years ago. It might be perfect to become a splash page for my FAR WEST portfolio. Amazing how it turned up the last time I was home.

  • Something else I did. Hope it works out.

  • So... while up here in Omaha, my Dad decidide to reclaim some space in the ol' storage shed. I had no idea that I had so much stuff left up here. He thought the Army stuff was mine, but we got that figured out pretty quick. They are all my brother's uniforms.

    Anyhoo, I have a ton of art books stashed. Such a wonderful surprise. One book in particular made my day. I spoke of it earlier in this thread, months ago. What a thrill. I haven't been able to find a replacement, and also haven't completed Gareth's suggested book list from Kickstarter. I do plan on getting that task completed.

    So the book I suggest, if you can find it or a more current version, is "The Palladium Book of Weapons and Castles of the Orient" compiled by Matthew Balent. The one I recovered today is a 2nd edition copy. It has a 1984 copyright date. I is so happy.

    It is a small book. small. 50 pages small with itty bitty but nicely detailed illustrations. I realize that it might be possible that this material was reintroduced somewhere recently in newer Palladium publications. I am not a Rifter, and don't own any of thier other books. So I don't know where to look.
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    Browsing through this book gives me such relief. I mean it has purpose, and now I have access to it. The one reservation I have is about what can I not use. Some of the prop details that I seen or read about have been things I can physically recognize.

    The fantasy part of Far West provides a lot of room to explore what works. In my earlier research, I learned what a French pinfire looks like, and how wheel locks worked. This might be all gibberish, but details I considered important for pistols. I recognize the weapon frames used in the illustrations.

    Early on, well before I learned about the value of the fantasy element for Far West, I was one the individuals that was fixed on how its gaming background was going to work. I was thinking my knowledges in western history would find good use here. (annoying buzzer sound here) How wrong that notion turned out. So now I am still looking for ways to not get hinged up and make better use of it for Far West. The sherrif hasn't kicked me oughtta town, yet.

    Though I still think a Malaysian Tiger Knife, or a French 6 shot Pinfire Pistol looks pretty good for use in the Far West. Heck, can't wait to show my illustrations of Iron Pipes, Tin Warfans, Manrikis, Yaris, Argentinian Pinfires, Larbangoes, Tapak blade, Pedang Swords, and whatever else I think I can dredge up.

    I drabbling on again. Stay Safe and Happy Gaming, folks.

    Plus: Yuutousei

  • I have no idea what half of those things are, but I look forward to seeing the illustrations. :)

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