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    You live in Billings, MT, right? I've been looking for a reason to move to Big Sky country ;) I almost had my wife sold on moving to Bozeman last summer, but she hates the snow.

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    rexroad33 said:

    Anyway, just join my play group and I would just teach you. Show up ready to play. I also use poker chips instead of dice.

    You live in Billings, MT, right? I've been looking for a reason to move to Big Sky country ;) I almost had my wife sold on moving to Bozeman last summer, but she hates the snow.

    Oh no, sorry. Habit from Facebookin'. I do not live in Billings. I just happen to be there a couple days, and got stuck in their lousy snowstorm with -11 temps. I don't actually hate the snow, I only despise it. In truth, I used to live in Omaha, and now make my home in Albuquerque.

    I am a truck driver by day, typically. I love my residence in New Mexico, but often live on this mobile and very low-income housing that the company provides. It is livable, but then again, after having 30 different truck assignments in the last seven years... they all do look the same to me.

    Also, I should rephrase the statement because I was thinking for convention venues. I would love to run something. In fact, if you have room in your group and don't mind me visiting. Please, let me join your group?


    You can catch me blogging about my work days occasionally at my website. I usally never know where I am going until last minute. "Hurry Up and Wait"

    Plus: GWilson

  • Sweet ride!
  • I'd be more than happy to add a travelling gamer to the table, but I tend to do a lot of my gaming online these days. However, if you travel through Indianapolis, let me know and maybe we could arrange a drink at my local watering hole in the least.
  • This may sound weird, but I've played enough RPGs to encourage saying, "Adamant, take your time and give us something good" rather than push out a half-cocked product only to follow it up with an errata a couple weeks later or a "revised" rules set. I can't remember how many times that's happened.

    This, exactly! Take your time, folks!

    Much as it would have been incredibly cool to show my Cub her name in print for her birthday, or for Xmas, it's better to get it right than to have a couple of glaringly obvious errors trickle through. (cough*jadeclaw hiking test*cough*missing skills*cough*copypasta careers*cough).

    We trust you guys. Honest!

  • Oh jeeze the Jadeclaw book. Haha, so many problems, it was ridiculous. Keep going steady and we'll see the books soon!
  • Yeah, and even more disappointing was having to wait extra time for the hardcover version, only to find that the errors still did not get fixed.

    (shakes head)

    Anyhow, here's to high hopes for my lil' Cub's first serious game...when she's old enough for it, of course.
  • I know, late to the party.

    This is what a friend of mine used to show me what Kickstarter is, after asking him about the Shadowrun Returns. I can't wait until the public release, but want it great not fast. I just hope my gaming ADD can keep my attention. So far I like everything I have seen. Look shiny...
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    I've kept my excitement for this rpg on the back burner and focused my attention on other projects like Open Design's stuff and some other Kickstarter video games. I want a quality project, so waiting a bit is not a big deal. The fact that you guys are keeping us updated at all is a constant relief. A pdf for us to review before release would be nice, and probably wise, as I think back to some of the mistakes that might have been avoided in OD's past projects. I don't really know what goes into pdf production, but making a "quick game" version might be a good idea. Something to tide us over and allow us to generate some excitement with our home groups or at conventions, local hangouts, etc. The character creation rules, a handful of edges, knowledges, aspects, and a simple encounter or two (one RP the other combat?). I'm very much looking forward to getting this book.

    Also, I hope that somewhere you've remembered to put Spaghetti somewhere in your Western. Yummy.

    Plus: GWilson

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