Where are we now?
  • Can we get a progress update with percentages again?
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    In the Kickstarter comments, Gareth said he is in the details of layout. What I am wondering is, when the book is done, what elements of the Kickstarter are still on the table?
    Physical book?
    Legends of the Far West?

    It's been a while and all the focus is on completing the book, so it kind of seems like getting anything else is unlikely, but I'll ask anyway. Gareth, are there plans for anything else in Far West past the core book, and will the core book still be printed for those who ordered a physical copy? Thanks.

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    I'm doing the final stages of the layout (which is the biggest pain in the ass -- making sure everything fits within a prescribed page count, tracking down overlay and other pre-press errors, insuring that everything fits under the printers ink-coverage hard limit, etc. -- this is the small-detail high-workload part of the process that I seriously hate).

    To answer your question: EVERYTHING is still on the table. I'm slow, but you'll get it.
  • Keep in mind some of us have pre-ordered, but were not part of the kickstarter.
  • Hence why I posted the link here!
  • Any status update?
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    I've been dealing with a major family emergency last week, which obviously took my priority. It's mostly resolved now, thankfully.

    I'm not going to waste your time with more updates -- the next time you hear from me, it will be to announce delivery. (Yes, we're that close!)

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    Hope your family is well!

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  • Judging by the update sent via KS, we are nearly there! I look forward to paging through this over the holidays with my lil' desperado, who is also eager to see this. Unfortunately, my initial idea (to take a picture of her in her kungfu cowgirl outfit holding the book) isn't likely to happen as advertised because she's outgrown her little Mulan dress at long last, but we'll think of something. And then cuteness will be inflicted.
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    Yeah, I'll be sending out daily updates from now until I send you guys the PDF.

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  • What about for those of us who pre-ordered, but aren't in the kickstarter?
  • The most current is not - backer only. From the comments, it appears the backers have started receiving downloads. Any information on when pre-orders will get something?
  • Darq -- the backers have gotten individual chapters, as they've been layout-finalized ("locked"). They've gotten 7 of 12 so far. 8 and possibly 9 will be shown to them tomorrow. Once everything is locked, I'll be re-sending the entire book as a single document (since not all backers have wanted to check it out chapter-by-chapter), and then after that, the pre-orders.
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    Excellent! Glad to hear you are so far along. Thank you for the update! Really looking forward to this book. I sure am sorry its been such a long road for you.

    Plus: GMSkarka

  • Since his last note, GMSkarka has sent out chapters 1-8 as a single PDF for backers to enjoy.
  • So I now have terminal cancer - I was wondering if I will see this before I die in the next year or so?
  • Darq -- I'm so sorry to hear that.

    I expect to deliver by the end of this year.
  • So, are we still on for end of this year?
  • End of the year was 2 months ago... I'm still alive...

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