Far West Music
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    S'kay... maybe a lil' James Bond-ish, but I can hear this in the line-up. *Foxglove Society?* I'm putting it on my playlist 'cause of this Imperial Tracker concept I've been sitting on.

    whoops... just now hearing the youtube playback...

  • I've been a subscriber to my Rhapsody/Verizon app for quite a long while (years maybe). I taken the time to establish some listening channels. Such as Shadowrun and Mechwarrior. As well as a driving channel, Thunder Road. Basically to make a channel work, a subscriber plugs in ten artists they like, and Rhapsody does the rest.

    I listen to the *Into The Far West* channel a lot. I've got picks in there that came from here. I can find Sam Billen's music, and the Far West selections. However, when I try plugging him as an artist selection into the Channel, no damn luck. It's like he doesn't exist.

    Anyway, the channel is still pretty good. What I like about them, is how Rhapsody will add in similar selections. Gives a chance to see if what it picks will work for a soundtrack, or sourcetrack which I think is a better description for inspirational resource.

    It found this track selection. I think it has a better chance when I can find the selections on YoutTube. I've got other albums form Sam, and I think I can hear small similarities. While writing this little blurb, I was just imagining what kind of music these two artist could come up with.

    This particular selection is more mellow, but I can hear it may possibly fit in Far West.

  • Does anybody know who Stuck Mojo or Whiskytown is? I see them in rotation on the Far West channel, but I've not heard them. Guess I'll go research.
  • This one came up too. What a title.

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    Yeah, I know. We got other tracks from Calexico. Here's another.

    Plus: Puppetfox

  • I *love* Janelle Monae. Hadn't picked up her latest album yet, but now I guess I have to!
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    I just tripped over this one. Cool!

    Plus: jehosephat

  • For those of you who caught the Breaking Bad finale last night -- the opening song (and the episode's title) were taken from this classic, which is very FAR WEST appropriate:

  • This one popped up on my Far West Channel on Verizon/Rhapsody.
  • Wa kào! I don't have my Rhapsody any more?!? Dang it Verizon!

    I am not a big fan of Spotify, but as free music goes, I guess I can live with it. I have a radio channel for Into the Far West there too. I got this one to pop-up on the random playlist.

    Anyway, back to work.
  • This one is great!
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    Wa kào! This one popped-up on my Shadowrun Reboot Radio. I had to go back and check this list. Gau had posted another track back on page 1.

    Plus: jehosephat

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    Something I knocked out a couple of weeks ago - maybe good for a travel montage.

    Across The River by coalhada
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    Wow. That's excellent. Downloading it now, and putting it in my Far West playlist. Thank you.

    Plus: Coalhada

  • "Roving Gambler" from this album seems like a good character theme tune...

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    I found this one during a discovery crawl. Hadn't decided which venue this best stick with, but the lyrics had a good vibe for Far West. Listen for yourself.

    "I'm not leaving, I aint going nowhere.
    You can't make me leave, because this my home.
    You best believe, I ain't going no where."

    Plus: jehosephat

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    Another recent addition to my Far West playlist -- the 2003 track from the Handsome Family that has recently been used as the theme to HBO's brilliant "True Detective":

    Check the lyrics. I cannot imagine a more perfect fit for FAR WEST:

    From the dusty mesa,
    Her looming shadow grows,
    Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote.
    She twines her spines up slowly,
    Towards the boiling sun,
    And when I touched her skin,
    My fingers ran with blood.

    In the hushing dusk, under a swollen silver moon,
    I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom.
    A strange hunger haunted me, the looming shadows danced.
    I fell down to the thorny brush and felt a trembling hand.

    When the last light warms the rocks,
    And the rattlesnakes unfold,
    Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones.

    And rise with me forever,
    Across the silent sand,
    And the stars will be your eyes,
    And the wind will be my hands.

    Plus: Puppetfox

  • whuaaa...? A new Tantric track, I've not heard before?

    This one popped up on my Into The Far West: Spotify Radio Channel. I like it! I'm adding it to my Far West playlist. What do you think?

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    It doesn't get more "Western plus Asian" than this: GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY, performed on traditional Vietnamese instruments. Mind. BLOWN.

  • Because I like Cake!
    "Arco Arena" from "Comfort Eagle"

  • Abney Park's "Airship Pirates" has an Imperial / Industrial cowboy sound...

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    Chinese Country Music

    Plus: GMSkarka

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    I really dig these guys! It's rather upbeat but it's a country-chinese flavor

    Plus: GMSkarka

  • this chinese bluegrass is a nice hybrid sound, it gets better further in the song:

  • Some cool stuff by this husband and wife duo (banjo meets chinese bluegrass):

  • another by Abney Park that I think is so epic, hybrid, elegant but cowboy, and definitely has a post apocalyptic/western vibe, and his voice also sounds kinda asian to me:

  • one more by abney park that has the vibe:

  • I already knew about Abney Park (a company I worked with did the Abney Park AIRSHIP PIRATES role-playing game) and Abigail Washburn -- but I had no idea about the other stuff. Phenomenal! I just bought the Hanggai and Redgrass albums as a result -- thanks for suggesting it!
  • This one crossed my desk recently:

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    K. I've been long over due for checking in... Turned this one up tonight. Hits a Dust Road vibe on so many levels for me. Maybe you can catch it too.

    Plus: Puppetfox

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    My brother-in-law introduced me to a band from the "psychobilly" genre, The Goddamn Gallows.

    Given that one of the FAR WEST projects in development is a novel called "Guns of the Seven Devils," this track was particularly a stand-out for me.

    Plus: Puppetfox

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    Another awesome bit of inspirado: The Native Howl, a band that combines Bluegrass with the style of Thrash Metal:

    Plus: Puppetfox

  • So I wrote a very short tune for the guitar, and it seems a bit silly to keep it to my self.
    The link below is for an MP3 of the tune, and a PDF of the arrangement.

    And So The Fox Went West
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    Recent acquisitions for my FAR WEST playlist:

    First up, the soundtrack album to the Netflix series GODLESS is quite good.

    Plus: Puppetfox

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    Second, it's more Japanese in feel, but the asian take on the Wu Tang Clan's C.R.E.A.M. from the most recent season of WESTWORLD is incredible:

    Plus: Puppetfox

  • This is an older song, and a bit of a stretch for a western setting but I like the trumpets. Style wise it's a bit all over the shop. I really like this band having seen them live more than a few times.

    The Cat Empire: The wine song


  • Bonefield - Window

    note to anyone posting...
    youtu.be/(video) will just post the link
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=(video) will embed the video
  • An acoustic version of FEEL GOOD INC. (Gorillaz)
    by Luca Stricagnoli
  • How about some Mongolian metal?

    The Hu - Wolf Totem

    The Hu - Yuve Yuve Yu
    (jump to 1:00)
  • New Pixies album dropped and these two stood out as far west worthy.

    PIXIES – Silver Bullet

    PIXIES – This Is My Fate

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