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    Gareth, I'm mailing you every flavor of Emergen-C!

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  • Busy, busy week.

    First of all, I managed to repair the damage done to our forum software, plus clear out all the spam registrants, plus update the forum software, and install some new filters. (Proud of myself on this job, because really, coding and such isn't usually my thing, but as the saying goes, "needs must when the devil drives." )

    In other good news, the newly expanded material for Chapter 10 is now in editing:

    Chapter 10: Secret Scrolls of Kung Fu: 95% (Editing)

    Layout: : I've fallen down on this, I'm afraid. I'd intended to get a character sheet to you, and it's still in the "drawing board" stage.

    Art: Portraits: 97% (77 done, 2 to go -- I've had a couple folks contact me and ask if they're one of the finished ones, but whose names I haven't been able to find in our files. Rick did sent a copy files that were unnamed portraits, so if you're one of the folks asking, I need to see the pics you sent Rick, so I can check them against the unnamed portraits). I did a bit more Incidental Art: ~95%

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    26th April 2013
  • I'm serious. I will. Don't tempt me, sifu! ;)

    And no worries about the sheet. And this is from me! lol We are building up excitement in our group and are SO looking forward to FW!
  • This week was primarily administrative. Been finalizing some details (which we'll be announcing in the coming week) regarding production and distribution which I'm thrilled about.

    Chapter 10: Secret Scrolls of Kung Fu: 95% (Still in editing)

    Layout: : Didn't manage to get into any of this during the week.

    Art: Portraits: After last week's announcement, several people stepped forward to contact me, and we discovered that despite the fact that they'd turned in reference photos to Rick before his departure, he apparently never got to them, and those reference photos were then not included in the materials he passed along to me. Yeah, I'm not particularly thrilled by this revelation. So we've got a few more folks whose portraits have now been added to the to-do list.

    I'll add this request again: If you'd sent photos, but never heard back about your portrait, please contact me directly. I'll check to see if you're one of the completed pics we have, or if it still needs doing.

    Also: I have one portrait with no name attached. If this is based on one of your reference photos, please contact me, so I know that you've been taken care of:


    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    3 May 2013
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    This weeks update went out today, instead of tommorrow. I've included the text here. If you'd like to discuss it, there's an official thread for discussion and questions here.


    MAY 8th, 2013
    Oxford, UK - Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Ltd., creators of high quality roleplaying and card games such as The Doctor Who Card Game, The One Ring, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Primeval, The Laundry, Victoriana and Cthulhu Britannica, have entered into an agreement with Adamant Entertainment to be the exclusive publisher of tabletop games released as part of Adamant's FAR WEST transmedia project.

    FAR WEST is a Wuxia-Western Mash-up - a fictional setting that combines elements of Spaghetti Westerns, Chinese Wuxia, and Steampunk, and is explored via multiple media: Fiction, games, art, music, webseries, and more. A fantasy world that's The Gunslinger meets Storm Riders meets Deadwood meets Afro Samurai meets The Wild Wild West meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Django meets Brisco County meets House of Flying Daggers and more. A fantasy world that is constantly shaped by its own fan community, The Far West Society - whose membership collaborate with the developers on the canon of the setting.

    Cubicle 7 will be publishing and distributing tabletop games set in the FAR WEST universe, beginning with the FAR WEST Adventure Game, the long-awaited RPG. Adamant Entertainment will continue to produce all other FAR WEST releases, and FAR WEST Creator Gareth-Michael Skarka will act as the Line Developer for the releases at Cubicle 7, orchestrating the interconnectivity between all of the different explorations of this unique setting.
    "Cubicle 7 really understand what we're doing with FAR WEST," said Skarka, "and they bring to the table such a dedication to quality and an enthusiasm for creation that I cannot think of a better match for us."

    "FAR WEST is such an exciting project to be involved with", added Dominic McDowall, CEO of Cubicle 7. "I love the genuine involvement that The Far West Society has in shaping the setting, and it's always fun collaborating with Gareth - one of the pioneers of the digital format in roleplaying games. Our first priority will be helping Adamant get the RPG into the hands of the kickstarter backers, closely followed by work on additional material for the game."

    The FAR WEST Adventure Game core rulebook will be released this Summer, first to backers of the 2011 FAR WEST Kickstarter, and then to distribution world-wide. Additional releases in the FAR WEST game line will be announced soon.

    For more information on FAR WEST, including other currently-available products, visit the official website at

    For more information on Cubicle 7 and its game lines, visit
  • This week I'm doing our update on Thursday again, because I have a thousand-mile round trip scheduled over the next three days, as I head out to attend my son's high school graduation, and then move him back here to live with me while he attends college!

    Since the Cubicle 7 announcement last week, I've been putting our ducks in row there while continuing to work on getting the core book wrapped up and out the door. I am happy to report that Chapter 10, the last of the manuscript pages, is now out of editing! From here on out, it's all art and production for us until the book is in your hands!

    Art: Portraits: Thanks to the folks who got in touch after the May 3rd update. I believe that I spoken to everybody now who's getting a portrait done. Please note, that we're still looking for the person whose portrait appeared in the May 3rd update -- we have no name associated with it. If this is you, please drop me a line.

    Other Developments: One of the big administrative things that was required as soon as we finalized our arrangement with Cubicle 7 was for us to come up with a plan for the first year's worth of support products for the game. We've done that, and we've just put up a new post on the website, revealing the titles and topics:

    Now we've got our path plotted along the Dust Road. The only thing left is to walk it.

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    16 May 2013
  • Gareth:

    How does the bonus adventure for backers fit into the next year's product schedule, release wise?

    Also, any news on the limited edition front?
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    Shingen said:

    How does the bonus adventure for backers fit into the next year's product schedule, release wise?

    The additional backer material (Legends of the Far West, the custom adventures, etc.) isn't listed as part of the schedule, since it's not for retail release. That's a big chunk of what TS and will be doing, as soon as I get the core book out the door (he's already started, in fact).

    Think of it as an alternate thing, running alongside the retail releases. :)

    Shingen said:

    Also, any news on the limited edition front?

    No news yet.


    Plus: Shingen

  • Hey there folks -- Back at work again, after the 1200-mile round trip for my son's graduation and move. Whew! Managed to get back into town right as the severe storms hit (the ones that spread across from Oklahoma into Kansas). Massive downpours, high winds and hail for us -- thankfully nothing as bad as what hit further south. Oklahoma backers -- are you all OK? Let us know in the comments.

    In the minus column, taking time to do non-work-related "life stuff" always cuts down on the amount of stuff I can get done in a week... but, in the plus column, the long trip across western Kansas and eastern Colorado really gave me a) a lot of time to think about FAR WEST, and b) some very Far Western vistas for inspiration. :)

    Once I was back at work, graphical work continued. More work proceeded on art (both of the backer-portrait and general illustrative variety). Another couple backers got in touch with me, and I'm pleased to report that we managed to put a couple of un-labeled portraits together with the correct names -- although we still have no ID on the person whose portrait appeared in the May 3rd update. Curiouser and curiouser.

    I have a weekly Skype conference with Dom at Cubicle 7, but so far there's no news to report there -- they've been busy with prep for the big UK Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend. If you're in the UK and attending, drop by and say hello!

    For those of you in the United States, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    24 May 2013
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    Short week, due to the Memorial Day holiday in the US, but work proceeds apace.

    Graphical work continues -- art, and also forays into the actual page design for the core book. Cubicle 7 has a reputation for really attractive releases, and I want to make sure that we stand proudly in that tradition!

    Another interesting thing this week: T.S. Luikart and I had a Skype meeting where we began the pivot from the core book into the stretch goal releases (Legends of the Far West, and the custom adventures for the "Master of the Dust Road" backer level and above), as well as the initial commercial releases which follow on the heels of the core book. Discussions of content, scheduling, what work we're available for and what requires freelancers (and who those freelancers should be)... it is, frankly, pretty exciting for us to have finally reached this stage!

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    31 May 2013

    Plus: Puppetfox

  • Been so busy this week, Friday kinda snuck up on me!

    Still waiting on word about the possibility of doing a separate limited run for backers, distinct from the wide-release commercial version. Dom at C7 is waiting to hear back from the printer with our options -- once I know more, I'll let you know.

    Tangentially related to that: apparently, Cubicle 7 have had a few of you contact them asking about delivery of other Kickstarter rewards, so I just want to get this out there to make it perfectly clear: The Kickstarter stuff is separate from C7 -- they're taking on production, and distribution to stores world-wide, as part of the agreement that has Far West released as a full Cubicle 7 line, but the duty of delivering the Kickstarter rewards (your copies of the rulebook, Legends, shirts, etc.) -- is on T.S. and I. C7 will assist us with the logistics, but we're the ones handling it, so all questions should come to me.

    Before I sign off for the weekend, I have some questions for you, regarding character sheets. Please feel free to answer in comments, or drop me a line via email, or drop in on the forum thread I've started about this:

    1) Your preference: Portrait or Landscape format?

    2) When tracking values that change during play, do you prefer a) making notes on the page (either in a large scratch space, or just erase-and-replace or b) a method of tracking visually (like a paperclip marker with numbers placed along the outer edge of the page)?

    3) Is there anything which seldom appears on character sheets that you'd like to see?

    4) Is there a standard feature of character sheets that you feel isn't needed?

    Feel free to add any additional comments not covered by the above-listed questions.

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    7 June 2013
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    This week:

    • Still working on artwork, both of the backer-portrait and general illustrative variety.

    • In related news, we're possibly also going to have some work by Cubicle 7's Art Director, Jon Hodgson, in the core book as well -- if you're not familiar with his amazing work, check his site here: .

    • I'm also going through and making tweaks and additions to the text here and there. I've set the end of this month for our final completion deadline for all art and text, at which point layout will be the entire focus.

    • Assuming no horrible disasters, this would have the core rulebook out to you (digitally first, with print following on its heels) by the end of the summer.

    • Thank you to everyone who answered my queries about character sheets last week -- for those of you who have read the responses both here and on the forum, you can see that there's not much in the way of consensus, but I appreciate hearing the opinions!

    • Thanks to those of you who sent me birthday greetings yesterday. They were unexpected -- you folks rock (which, come to think of it, I really *should* come to expect by now)!

    Back to work,

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    14 June 2013

    Plus: Simagal

  • This week:

    • In response to a question I received: Yes, some of the tweaks that I mentioned last week have been changes made from the manuscript pages that went out, based on the feedback that some of you sent in. Nothing major, though (mostly clarification).

    • Guess what, you guys? Work on art continues! (Yeah, I know -- you're probably getting tired of hearing that, but that's what's filling most of my FAR WEST time at this point... on the core book at least.)

    • The rest of my FAR WEST time is spent working on the other items still forthcoming from the Kickstarter -- first up: Legends of the Far West (the collection of NPCs with adventure hooks) and the custom adventures for the Master of the Dust Road backers and above. The custom adventures will be crafted by sending out a "chinese restaurant menu" (the "one from column A, one from column B" kind) of options -- we're holding off sending that out until you've gotten the rulebook, though, since it will be easier for you to determine what kind of adventure options you'll want once you see it.

    * Got a Skype conference next Monday with Cubicle 7 art director Jon Hodgson, where we'll be talking about trade dress, additional art for the core book, and cover work for later releases. Very excited about this! I'll also be talking to Dominic McDowall in the coming week as well, and hopefully will get info on whether we'll be able to do the separate Limited print run. More info as I get it.

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    21 June, 2013
  • GMSkarka said:

    • Guess what, you guys? Work on art continues! (Yeah, I know -- you're probably getting tired of hearing that, but that's what's filling most of my FAR WEST time at this point... on the core book at least.)

    Would it be possible to get a percentage estimate of how much is complete in future updates?
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    Would it be possible to get a percentage estimate of how much is complete in future updates?

    Not really -- as I said last week, the end of June is the final deadline for art and text. After that, we're in layout, which will be largely in the hands of C7, so I won't be able to give exact percentages.

    In fact, after next week, I'll probably have to stop the weekly updates -- because it will be soon afterwards that the digital finals will be delivered to you!

    Plus: Greatwyrm

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    Coming up fast on the end of June, and I'm sorry to say that I'm probably going to go over my own deadline -- I had originally set the end of this month for the final, this-is-it art and text deadline, when FAR WEST would move to layout from here on... and I'm a hair behind on the art. Not by more than a handful of days, and I certainly am not one who would want to short-shrift on artwork -- the final product is too important to me -- but it's still aggravating. (I'm very much prone to beating myself up over such things -- comes with the job.)

    But again, not much longer -- and once we're in layout, I'll post the occasional sample page so you can see progress, but beyond that there won't be much to inform you about, so we might come off our weekly-update schedule a bit. (You'll still get weekly updates, but it will be as I have things to show you, not so much an every-Friday-like-clockwork thing.)

    The best part of all of this is when I get to deliver the core book to you. First the digital version (in various formats), then the shipments. At some point, I may write a post-mortem about the process, all of the things that blew up in our faces, the trials and tribulations, the things that went very right, etc. But that will have to wait, of course. First things first!

    In related news, we'll be ramping up the website again soon -- a return to regular content: Vignettes, inspirography, news, etc. I've been asked by a few of you about submitting material -- so I'll make this a general announcement: If you're interested in doing something for the website, drop me an email at and we can discuss it.

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

    -Gareth-Michael Skarka
    Lawrence, KS
    28th June, 2013

    Plus: Ben

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    Its been about 3 weeks since the last update. Any new news?

    Plus: Ben

  • Nothing beyond "working our assess off."

    A big factor to keep in mind is that not only are we home-stretching on FAR WEST, but we've also got all of the prep for the biggest show of our year, GenCon, which is in less than a month.
  • Will we see it by the end of August, possibly? If not, that's fine.
  • Ben said:

    Will we see it by the end of August, possibly? If not, that's fine.

    The plan is to deliver to backers by the end of the summer, yes.
  • I preordered my copy and I'm now moving. How do I pass along my new address?
  • cwmayo said:

    I preordered my copy and I'm now moving. How do I pass along my new address?

    Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Just click here to shoot me an email, and give me your new address. We'll update our shipping manifest.
  • Thanks!
  • Are we still on for an August release? I can't wait!
  • Are we still on for an August release? I can't wait!

    As I said on July 20th, above -- by the end of summer is the plan.

    Summer ends on the 21st of September. :)
  • How was Gen Con? Any "Far Westiness" there?
  • We held the meet-up, but nobody showed up. :(

    TS and I did manage to have a valuable and productive in-person development meeting, though, including finalizing a list of the writers we're using on Enter The Sixgun, the first adventure anthology being released commercially.
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    That sucks that nobody showed. I'm sure that once it's out the buzz will start back up and all will be right as rain. Speaking of "buzz" are there any bones you can throw us?

    Plus: Brother_Tusk

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    Well, I know my excuse. It would have been nice. I've been offering up to buy dinner, lunch, or coffee for a long time.

    Plus: Brother_Tusk

  • It's not just the actual game I'm excited for, it's the flurry of ideas that will happen here once we have more to discuss.
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    Oh, believe me -- there's a veritable flood waiting behind the logjam of the core book release. :)
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    I agree with Ben - you should have gotten some moral support there (along with a free lunch). Does the fact that I live 4.300 miles away count as an excuse for not showing up?
  • Cionsider the above sentiments seconded, thirded, and carried! Sorry to hear things didn't actually go off.

    Am very much hoping that the tail end of this process is going as swimmingly as may be desired. I have the best pic in mind for the day the books finally show up (since the Zhangzhao Kid still fits her dress...)
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    I don't take people not showing up as a lack of support. I live in Yuma, AZ so I couldn't make it. I've never been to a 'Con at all, in fact. Anyway, Don't get down, Gareth (if you are). Your support's still here and we all know that a great game that's late will be remembered as a great game. A rushed piece of crap is forever.

    That said, hurry the hell up, man! ;D

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

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    Oh I don't believe it's really a matter of being down or blue for Gareth. "He's working." Sure he's got his head down, but probably needs to come up like a whale for air.

    As for the moral support, I want to believe GMS is still getting a fair share of it even if we don't show up in person. Like Ben, I've got a distance to travel from Albuquerque, NM. Even back while I was a meat-bag in the driver's seat for Swift, and doing all sorts of travelling, there was a matter of getting the timing right.

    Gareth's digital footprint is much easier to follow. I haven't offered *lately*, but that free lunch hasn't gone anywhere.

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

  • So, Saturday release? Can't wait!
  • It MIGHT be Saturday...right?
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    I just posted an update:

    Short version: No, we're not going to make the 21st delivery date -- but it won't be much longer.

    Plus: Ben, The1WiTheGun

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    Sweet! I like the voting for the character sheets.

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

  • Looking forward to the whole mess, especially the previews. :)

    I missed the kickstarter, but I am 110% sure I will be purchasing this when I get a chance.

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

  • So, three weeks later. How are we doing? Any news on when the game will be good to go?
  • So, three weeks later. How are we doing? Any news on when the game will be good to go?

    I second this...and fourth! lol Also, I need to update my address. How do I get you that info?
  • Part of the change with signing on with Cubicle 7 for the game release is that I can't just spout off any more -- any official communications related to release, etc., needs to be confirmed with them beforehand. So please forgive my (relative) slowness in response -- I just want to make sure the info I'll share is absolutely accurate.

    I can say "SOON!", but I know that's not specific enough -- I beg your patience. (Again, I know.)

    Ben said:

    I need to update my address. How do I get you that info?

    Just drop me an email at, with the updated shipping info.
  • We've announced a set date for final delivery: Read here.

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