Some meat with the potatoes
  • There is some great art and stories for Far West available. Gives a good feel for the game.

    However, since this is a game, could we get some basics, like a character sheet and/or an example character? With the exception of the brief overview of the Odyssey system, the IMO important parts of this RPG are still an unknown.

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  • Warboss: Well, technically speaking, the RPG is the potatoes. :) The meat is the setting, which is explored through all of these things.

    But I hear you -- I'll start posting more RPG-specific stuff soon.
  • Well, the first taste we are going to get is the game itself. And I'm a gamer, so it's what I lean towards overall.

  • The first taste was the website. The second is the short story anthology which is coming in the next week or so, and then the RPG.

    ....but again, I see your point. :)
  • If the website was an appetizer, then the main course is going to rock!

    Anyway, I'm happy to see the forums are up and was wondering if a January release is still likely.
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    Ben-- I haven't gotten our arrangements finalized with the printer yet, so I'm thinking February is more likely. (For the RPG at least -- the short story anthology will be out in January, definitely).

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  • Cool. Are you happy with everything so far, RPG-wise? And do you know the page count yet?
  • I am very sad that the RPG is taking so long! I have a new gaming group that is willing to try anything and I WANT to run this setting!
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    @Gobbo: Got room for a truck driver? :)

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  • I have a question about the map. A great looking map by the way. Are there other rivers? Is water going to be a major commodity? I know I am running on a lot of my own ideas for fiction, resources, and imagination. However, I am wanting to tailor my ideas to fit. Should I just wait, and grow with the material as it released? I don't want to start pitching blind, so to speak. On another note. Is there a native Indidan or nomadic tribal population too? Sorry, I don't think I am asking the questions right.
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    Hi Kids.

    While an accurate scale is on the map, we suspect you guys may not have realized just how massive of a space the map represents. We'll take care of that in due course. What I'll tell you now is that the map generally depicts the biggest rivers and the major rail lines only. Water is definitely a commodity in some areas, most especially the southern portions of the Thousand Mesas.

    There are not any "natives" in the West, per se. There are multiple different groups that passed into the West long ago. Some died, or were changed... Two of the larger cultural groupings that are somewhat regarded now as "Native Westerners" are the Mountain Clans of the Eagles' Claws and the Castalan speaking "natives" of the Thousand Mesas. The Castalan passed from the distant East to settle in the Far West many centuries ago, the story of the Mountain Clans is far more complex...

    And Ben - I've written well over 60K (and counting!) in background material alone for the Core RPG. Your average paperback these days generally runs 50K to 90K though those monsters Martin writes clock in at 110K+

    So yeah, you'll have some reading to do.
  • @TSLuikart: Awsome! Thank you you for the clarity help.
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    @TSLiukart -- Oh dear lord. Please let the final book come in after I finish midterms or I will never do any studying!
  • Tangent: What are these "Loves" and "Hates" things on some posts?
  • "And Ben - I've written well over 60K (and counting!) in background material alone for the Core RPG. Your average paperback these days generally runs 50K to 90K though those monsters Martin writes clock in at 110K+

    So yeah, you'll have some reading to do."

    I am totally fine with this. :)
  • @Ben: Clicking +1 on a post means you "love" it, -1 means you "hate" it. Sort of a mash-up of Facebook and Google+ like/+1 buttons. For me, I am actually more reluctant to press +1 now that I know it makes me love something rather than just like it. Hmmm, maybe they need a +0.5 button.
  • The main function of the +1/-1 is a voting process used in the Far West Society. Outside of that, it has no real purpose.

    But you're right, lithicbee -- I'm not a fan of the language used. I've gone in to the code and changed it to "Plus" and "Minus" rather than "Love" and "Hate."
  • I was hoping to see a little snippet of the potatoes. Wasn't there a hinted at preview character or character sheet coming? Maybe get us riled up with an early side of chives for those potatoes? :)
  • Stop! Making Ben hungry for actual food! LOL Seriously, I'd love to see that stuff, and have one question: Can there be silencers given the steampunk tech? I'm more of an "assassin with a bow" man myself, but still.
  • Puhleease Ben, your Pressurized Sniper Rifle will only make a hiss after firing, all you need to worry about is the plume of steam it'll make giving away your position or obscuring your vision.
  • Out of curiosity, how much steampunk are we looking at in the setting? I know this might make me unpopular, but I am starting to suffer from steampunk burnout.
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    Moonshine -- my attitude toward steampunk is that it's best used as a seasoning, not the main dish. (Wow, again with the food analogies!)

    Spaghetti Western and Wuxia are the languages. Steampunk is just the accent. :)
  • Personally, my plans for Far West don't include much focus on steampunk at all - unless the players want it.
    That is, if someone creates a PC that's heavily involved in the steampunk elements of the setting, I'm more than happy to then cater to that. Otherwise, it's something in the background that may be mentioned in passing but is rarely seen.

    Having said all that, I haven't seen the book yet, and when I do I may well completely change my mind.
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    Steampunk. Yeah I bought a book to help me with that in the visual department. I haven't bought a "How To Draw" book in about 20 years. My Art Instruction School books were probably the last few back then. Anyhoot, I have my Steampunk book stashed in my travel pack. I am trying to create a style from it. Tonight I am stumbling over a sketch of a regular Riverboat Steamship blended with a Chinese Junk. I even have some of the crew figured out. I can't wait to share.
  • @GMSkarka -- Cool. That is sort of what I assumed by reading and looking at all the stuff on the site. I'm totally cool if a player wants to incorporate some elements of steampunkiness, but the focus on the campaigns I run will be heading much more toward the kung-fu cowboy end.
  • Yay for steampunk as a seasoning. I think that the whole 'man versus technology versus society' ethos of steampunk would easily muddle the wuxia/western blend that I'm looking forward to in Far West.
  • I forget, but will there be any alchemy?
  • Ben -- a bit, yes. Of the "Chinese medicine" variety.
  • Sweet. I was hoping for just that.

    And a character sheet... ;)
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    OK, having been out of the loop for ages (and completely missing the whole kickstarter!) I've been reading up on this site and a few other forum threads and I have to raise my hat to you on a great idea and vision.
    So, polite grovelling now, being a bit of a RPG junkie in the past, and been royally disappointed in a number of games that had great potential and (IMHO) poor execution, any chance of a few peaks at the game? Personally , I find Character Sheets and/ or example characters can give a great feel for the direction in game design, so any possible chance of one or both in the near future?

    Plus: Ben

  • I agree, grey. All the songs lyrics and "I want to run this..." and "This is what inspires me!" would be great if I actually knew more than the bare-bones I do. But the franchise was sold on the back of the RPG, which we honestly know very little about. As much as the "Tales From the Far West" is neat, it's really gravy, not what the meal (damn food references...) and I can't understand why a game that slotted for December release doesn't have anything more than a small explanation of the system.

    I'm not trying to be a pain and I appreciate what's probably a lot of hard work for Adamant, but I'm also going to be honest.
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    You've got to remember, Far West was a Kickstarter project, and Kickstarter is not for selling finished products, it is for funding the creation of products. Of the 7 projects I have contributed to on Kickstarter since Far West, I have received one tangible reward so far; it is the nature of the beast.

    The development team on this game (and the rest of the multimedia aspect of it) seem to know what they are doing; they have a history of putting out products, this is not their first rodeo. So if they are choosing not to give out dribs and drabs of crunch, I figure they have their good reasons to do so. Some Kickstarter projects reveal a lot before their release and then it might all change by the time it gets to you. It is all up to the creator(s).

    That being said, I don't feel much like working on world- or story-creation in the Far West universe right now; I prefer to wait for Tales and the core RPG before I go about re-creating the wheel or creating more stories in a vacuum.
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    I LOVE to pick apart game rules and love discovering new games and mechanics. That being said I backed this on Kickstarter primarily based on the setting and look of the game. I am willing to take a chance on the rules due to this.
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    JadeScorpion, it was very clear as to what the intent of the Far West intellectual property was, however the RPG of now...the "core product". It's the entire basis for the Kickstarter and that's what I spent money on. Almost every perk for buying into the Kickstarter has to do with the RPG and I would like more about it. How many people would have donated to the Kickstarter if there wasn't an RPG? I don't know, but I doubt it would be as many. That's not a slam to the coolness of the setting, but for me and many (most?) others, it's about the RPG, which we again, know little about. As far as a character sheet goes, it can be quite telling and would just plain be nice, but a sheet's just one of the many things that would be cool to see. I want to get amped-up and have my head swimming with stories and the like and maybe even make my own collections of songs for a soundtrack, but I just don't know enough.

    My friends and I are very interested in this game and would love to know what can be made, what characters can do, etc. I'm not saying I want a ton of information, but something more would be appreciated. If there aren't more teasers I'm not going to jump up and down screaming or hate Gareth or some other silly thing and am very happy to be a part of this whole deal. However, as somebody who invested into this, I feel I have the right/duty to speak my peace.

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  • Previews are cool but for me the setting, combined with the obvious passion of the creative minds behind the project, is what got me interested in all of this. I have a strong feeling the RPG system will be solid but even if it turns out to be somehow flawed I will still love the game and have fun playing it - house rules n' all that. For example I was always a big fan of the Shadowrun setting but I hated their rules system so I just made my own and our play group loved it. Dice rules are easy. Creating a world is hard.

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    Gareth...and everyone else...please know I am in now way upset about what's come, far from it. If I've come across rude/mad/upset/etc, that wasn't my intention. I am a little disappointed that we haven't seen more of what the system's like, but only because it sounds so damn good! (FATE + D20 with more awesome? Yes, please!) I do recognize that you and your team are working madly on all of what they've promised. If what I want isn't able to be done to take care of what we ALL want, then that's OK. This 'aint about me, it's about all of us, so do what you can, when you can and it's all good. :)

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    To Gareth and all, although I would love to see previews (patience never being a strong point!) I would much rather see the full game! I realise that setting up and laying out any detailed previews will take time could be put into the production. So I can wait……but (there always is a “but” isn’t there) it would be nice if there was any chance to post a few titbits in this forum, such as a brief text of an example character or two, possibly from playtests, to get a feel for some of the possibilities. Just a little appetiser for the main course, not a whole separate meal (well I had to get some food reference in!). No preview is no problem!

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    Gareth, how about telling us what your favorite "monster" is? The piece of gadgetry you most enjoy or what Kung-Fu move is the coolest? Not really mechanical teasers or such, but more insight into the game and the things you, as one of its creators, like. If not, that's cool.

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    This thread is always a smorgasbord of food puns (which sucks because I'm almost always checking it on my phone when I haven't eaten all day).

    I think we all agree that we rather y'all focus on the prize rather than whetting our appetites with spoilers and previews. I already have a group of people who want to play at least a one-shot of the game when I get it, with a possible campaign going if I can get a handle of the mechanics and STing long term (DMing... GMing... whatever. As you can tell, I'm normally playing White Wolf games).

    If I don't do a lengthy campaign, I'll probably play a couple of one shots at conventions, and maybe run an online RPG based on the setting.

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    This may sound weird, but I've played enough RPGs to encourage saying, "Adamant, take your time and give us something good" rather than push out a half-cocked product only to follow it up with an errata a couple weeks later or a "revised" rules set. I can't remember how many times that's happened.

    I'm super-excited, but I also want to be able to wow my players from the first session forward.

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