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  • New Poster. I have really enjoyed finding the soundtrack posts here. I just found a new one that I really thought belonged here. It is Sacral Nirvana by Oliver Shanti. Enjoy!

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    Picked up the soundtrack to the History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys -- pretty good series, and a cool soundtrack:

    Another track from my FAR WEST Playlist -- Moby's "Flower":

    The soundtrack to Jade Empire by Jack Wall is also a good choice:

    As is the score to HBO's brilliant Deadwood:

    ...and my favorite of the big, John-Ford-esque Western themes:

  • Found this one to be a fun version.
  • Not the Soggy Bottom Boys version...

    It is a good movie.
  • ahhem... we all know him. :) Sam Billen on the left.
  • Don't miss this soundtrack.

    I stumbled across this one while cleaning out some old files.

    Great Soundtrack from a great movie.
  • I seen Rick Hershey's playlist for them. They have an interesting sound. I browsed through it. Facebook has a free app called Spotify. It's new to me. I tried compiling a new playlist. It is a challenge to find these tracks. I can find the artists, but they don't have all of their albums listed. I will keep at it.

    While I am thinking about it, I came across one track a couple months ago. It is rooted in hip-hop and has some urban overtones. Without watching the video and working around some of the explicit lyrics, I am able to find a hook into Far West. It is on my playlist. I am still researching it. The chorus is great.

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    Something from a Hong Kong-based band, Dr Eggs: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_470720

    Plus: rexroad33

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    Not sure if this is the right fit might be a little to southern/bayou.

    Plus: rexroad33

  • Tambora said:

    Not sure if this is the right fit might be a little to southern/bayou.

    That's pretty damned cool -- and definitely a good fit.
  • Coalhada said:

    Something from a Hong Kong-based band, Dr Eggs: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_470720

    That's fucking BRILLIANT.

  • From the Cold Mountain soundtrack, Jack White takes on a genuine piece of 19th-century Appalachian proto-blues folk:

  • A little amped up. From the movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" - Pistolero by Juno Reactor.

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    Just because they are called "The Far West"

    ...and they were backed under Kickstarter

  • @Simon_W Ehh, just because... ? Mehh, at first, I couldn't boggle it. Denial. After listening, I heard a spark of something. Looks like you added a little homework too. I will check in on it later.

    Connecting clear back to The Beckoning Puma, as a flying circus saloon festival party bash thing that I made it out for myself... by Maiden's Tits I can see a way to make them fit.

    I am back on the truck, so I have time to speculate again. I know, I know... what sort of mayhem am I gonna bring to the pages of the forum? In the meantime, I'm going to go listen to that again.
  • "D'you 'member them Railroad Spikes?"

    I got a kick out of that story. A buddy and I were working through a playlist for a different project. We made no ground with it, but as I was cleaning some save files, I came accross this one.

    I can totally hear this in the background as "Ruddy" tries negotiating one box car after the next.
  • Of interest: Two albums now available on iTunes.

    The first, the score (not the "inspired by" soundtrack, which is still coming, but the actual score) to "The Man With the Iron Fists" by RZA and Howard Drossin. Here's a youtube video comprised of samples from the score:

    Next up, the Season One soundtrack to the AMC Television series Hell on Wheels, composed by Kevin Kiner and Gustavo Santaolalla.

    Here's an extended cut of the main theme:

  • I'm really liking the "The Man with The Iron Fists" score. I might have to pick that up.
  • Fans of FAR WEST -- I was playing around in iTunes this afternoon, and put together a playlist of 25 songs from the FAR WEST inspirography, as an "iMix" that you can purchase, if you're so inclined.


    (Note that this list does not contain any of the official FAR WEST music, which is available separately as an EP on iTunes)
  • Anyway to get this list imported to Amazon? I do not have I Tunes (SHOCK!) installed on my computer and am not interested in getting it
  • I have an Amazon account too. I'd like it if that could happen. My Verizon account has Rhapsody. How about Spootify(facebook)?
  • The ability to assemble a playlist of other people's music, which folks can then purchase with a click, is a function only available on iTunes.
  • GMSkarka said:

    The ability to assemble a playlist of other people's music, which folks can then purchase with a click, is a function only available on iTunes.

    With this playlist, I would own the tracks as well, is that how it works? I've recently started utilising iTunes for actual purchases (having been awestruck by the soundtrack to Journey on the PlayStation 3), so I'm interested in paying for this. As a man of many Spotify playlists, I know well how much time and effort can go into assembling them for listeners.
    However, this list doesn't seem to be available on the UK itunes? My iTunes is having a hard time attempting to change stores unfortunately.
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    My contribution to this thread, as I don't think I've seen it as of yet, is Yo-Yo Ma's 'Oasis' from 'Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon.'


    As I'm sure a few of you might know, Tan Dun used Yo Yo ma in the score for CTHD. However, his westernised use of cello alongside the traditional Chinese string instruments really strikes me as Far West more than anything else. I have a lot of love for this piece, as it was what initially conjured up the idea of a wuxia/western in my head, a long while before I found this project. :)

    The rest of this album is certainly worth a listen, there's a few other tracks that sound similar to this, though on the whole it's worthwhile for it musically translates to what Far West is about - combining genres into something new and exciting, in this case it revolves around the Silk Road and the cultures found along the way.
  • Redwood said:

    With this playlist, I would own the tracks as well, is that how it works?
    However, this list doesn't seem to be available on the UK itunes? My iTunes is having a hard time attempting to change stores unfortunately.

    Yes, you'd purchase the tracks on the playlist for download.

    ...and unfortunately, I think since I'm in the US, my playlists only appear on the US store. (Although our commercial releases, like the ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE FAR WEST album, appear on the international stores)
  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll give the iTunes settings a tweak when I have time. I can at least get the album by Billen.

    Another entry for some Far West music, this time Stewart Copeland's soundtrack from Spyro 2:

    Overly oriental, but with a bit of what sounds like a banjo spread throughout now and again.
  • Okay, maybe this link will work better. I am liking this track. I have added it to my playlist.
  • I can see that working for a scene where a character is riding out of town, leaving something or someone important to them behind.

    Though I would not have looked to Linkin Park for music for this game in a million years. Live and learn.
  • @jehosephat Since the traditional music is only a foundation, with a little time I can find a hook for something if not everything. Take for instance, "A Knight's Tale" with Heath Ledger, now that's a unique soundtrack for the kind of movie it is. More or less, this whole thread is the best Far West sourcetrack list I have ever seen, compared to other similar lists.

    I had this one group I played in, back in my Omaha days. The GM had one of those multi-disc CD players that was set on random. He always included 1 Pink Floyd album among the many fantasy selections for his D&D campaign. The first time it happened, it shocked me, but basically anytime a PF track played somebodey died. At first I thought it was weird, but I eventually adopted the play group philosophy. PCs and NPCs were never safe.

    Anyhoo, since GMS turned me onto Black Keys, I can find use for this one...

    I am writing a vignette based on this track.

    Heck, my current playlist has "Nowhere to Go" by Mushroomhead. In fact I think it could work if a Far West remix version was done by Sam Billen. I've been wanting to pitch that idea months ago. Didn't do it, but I just heard a cover of "Army of Me" by PM5K and I started a list of other posibilities for remix canidates. Just something about having that cool list of Far West tunes handy is awsome, but maybe it can use a few new additions.

    Have you heard the version "Ecstacy of Gold" done by Metallica?

    I originally had these picks in another playlist for "Martian Cowboys from Hell" and yes, Pantera's track "Cowboys from Hell" is on it. These few can be hooked into anyplace.

    hey... Western. Wuxia. WILD. Plenty of room for fine tuning.
  • The first-ever original piece of music written for the soundtrack of a Tarantino film (his films have always used sourced music) -- a hip-hop track by Rick Ross, written and produced by Jamie Foxx (language is Not Safe For Work):

  • ooops... busted. Your link doesn't work Gareth. Anyhoot...

    It sounds great... at YouTube.
  • Replaced the link.
  • Yarp, language not work safe. Unless yer alone in the office. Hey this link has a better slide show.

  • The Raconteurs "The Switch and the Spur"
    I've been playing this album a lot lately, and this song makes think of Far West.

    Plus: GMSkarka

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    I came across this song, "The Preacher" by Jamie N Commons, while viewing the Defiance trailer from SyFy. Possibly it's a bit monotheistic for The Far West, but I'm thinking the emotions invoked can work for any religious character.

    Actually, that Defiance show seems to have a bit of a frontier feel to it. But I might be reading too much into it from just a trailer.
  • That's AWESOME.

    He's playing with the same archetypes as Willy Nelson in "Time of the Preacher":

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    Here's another track. I'd love to do a version of this with some Chinese instrumentation, to make it even more Far Western....

    Plus: jehosephat

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    While working in the home office, this popped up in another playlist. Had to find it. It's on my digital copy of NCIS: soundtrack. Came back over here to share.

    +01/23/13: Went to go look for it so I can add it on my Verizon/Rhapsody playlist for Far West. The clips in this video version is Wonder Boys. I've never seen it, nor do I have that soundtrack. I get why the song was connected to NCIS. I still like it.

    In a Far West fit, I have a three different character perspectives that I can tag it to.

    Plus: jehosephat

  • I had mentioned that Joely Oly had a nice track I found thru http://roll20.net back on a different thread.

    I just remembered to look up a link for him. Tell me what you think?


    I like the jukebox option that is available for my virtual table top, but selections are hard to find. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of selections to sift thru. It is more of a matter with what I can get my hands onto thru the jukebox tool during a game session.
  • Sounds like pretty standard bedroom-studio electronica to me.
  • Not Impressed? I can't disagree on the bedroom-studio part, but it is better than I could ever do. In a line-up on roll20s jukebox, it was a nice pick. I might do a little more digging, but most of the selections from this forum thread are not there. In a live and private game environment, my first choice is whatever I got here on the laptop.
  • So far, that digging found some tracks for Bastion OST. I now get why Gareth had the whole thing included in his playlist. I'm listening to them thru the roll20 jukebox. Nice. Also seeing bootlegs and covers for some of the Bastion tracks. "Fine People" and "Build that Wall"?
  • This was a cool find in the jukebox. Found the YouTube link.

    It actually came up while I was trying to find the Firefly soundtrack.
    Strange how some keywords work.
  • rexroad33 said:

    So far, that digging found some tracks for Bastion OST. I now get why Gareth had the whole thing included in his playlist. I'm listening to them thru the roll20 jukebox. Nice. Also seeing bootlegs and covers for some of the Bastion tracks. "Fine People" and "Build that Wall"?

    Not familiar with those. The tracks on the OST are:

    Get Used to It
    A Proper Story
    In Case of Trouble
    Bynn the Breaker
    The Sole Regret
    Twisted Streets
    Terminal March
    Percy's Escape
    Faith of Jevel
    Mine, Windbag, Mine
    Slinger's Song
    Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)
    Spike in a Rail
    What's Left Undone
    Brusher Patrol
    The Mancer's Dilemma
    Mother, I'm Here (Zulf's Theme)
    Pale Watchers
    The Bottom Feeders
    From Wharf to Wilds
    Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)
    The Pantheon (Ain't Gonna Catch You)

    Darren Korb is the composer. Nice guy -- I've since followed him on Twitter and talked with him a bit.
  • I haven't found many.

    Bynn the Breaker
    Mine, Windbag, Mine
    Mother, I'm Here.
    Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)

    About a dozen covers for Build That Wall (Zia's Theme). As for Fine People, that one must have been removed. I was sure I saved it to my playlist wednesday/thursday morning. I've slept twice since then.

    Darren Korb's name doesn't even show up. I'm guessing SoundCloud works a little like YouTube, anybody can upload if they know what they are doing. The tracks sound good, better than others anyway.

    The one track I found for "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" sound like that old 8-bit type sound you would get from those old pocket games. On occasion, that might be okay, but this one was horrible.
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    Have been discussing game music on another kickstarter forum, thought this might be nice background music around the table when playing The Far West.

    Some atmospheric music from Rainbow Six Vegas.
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    Ni Hao, Pardners.

    I've been around, keeping things tuned in with and about the project. Even came across this tune tonight while writing here at the home office. Kinda a decent cover tune. Gave me inspiration for a new character.

    Stay Safe, and Happy Trails over the Long Dust Road.

    Plus: SnakeOilSifu

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    I initially came across this thanks to "Hell on Wheels", and was reminded of it by the trailer for the new Mad Max video game.

  • A couple of additional tracks from my FAR WEST playlist:

    First-- "Bones" by Little Big Town. Heard this used on HBO's TRUE BLOOD back in the first season, and was immediately attracted to the Fleetwood-Mac-Meets-The-Eagles sound of it.

    (EDIT: I had originally posted "Freedom" by Anthony Hamilton, but that's because I'm a dolt and forgot that it had been posted by Jesse upthread. So, here's a different choice: )

    Second -- "Guns Don't Argue" -- The Penetrators do a surf-rock cover of the Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western theme:

    ...and I'll drop a third here, because why not?

    Third -- "The Death of Xuan Wu" by Henry Lai, from the 14 BLADES soundtrack:

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