When will non-backers be able to buy the core rules?
  • As a non-backer (sadly I did not find out about this game until recently) when will we be able to buy the core rulebook?
  • It's going to be a while. The backers have seen eight out of twelve chapters so far. Apparently, chapter nine is almost out of formatting. After that, I guess the whole thing gets pulled together and given to the backers. Then, the pre-orders will be fulfilled and it will go up for sale. At least this is my understanding.

    I, too, missed out on the Kickstarter, but I pre-ordered back in August of 2012. Hopefully, we wont have to wait another year.
  • The backers should have the complete PDF in November. I'm not exactly sure of how long the print delivery will take (especially given the holidays), but pre-order customers will get the PDF soon after the backers.

    I'm currently debating on how long before the generally-available PDF goes for sale -- whether to wait until the physical delivery to to the backers is complete, or do it before then.
  • So what did I preorder then?
  • The pre-order customers are being grouped with the backers, and will get their PDFs and hardcopies in the same delivery as the backers.
  • Any idea yet when the PDF will go out to Pre-Orders?
  • GMSkarkaGMSkarka +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I'm going to send the PDF out to Pre-Orders at the same time I send it to backers -- should be at the end of this month.

    Plus: Darq

  • Great to hear been looking forward to it!
  • Been a while since we heard anything. Any sort of ETA?
  • jcfialajcfiala +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    He's burned through so many previous ETAs that he's holding off on declaring any more until he's got a pdf to distribute. Which is probably for the best.

    Plus: Puppetfox

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