Far West Miniatures...
  • I realize that this is seriously putting the cart ahead of the horse, but it's too cool not to share.

    We've talked to a couple of artists who are interested in doing some PDF paper-flats miniatures down the road, but for those of you who might want genuine plastic minis, I strongly recommend that you check out HEROFORGE (https://www.heroforge.com/).

    Using the site, you can custom-design a miniature, based on material from Fantasy, Western, Sci-Fi, Modern and East-Asian designs, mixing and matching as you wish to create the exact genre mix you want. They then will create it for you as either a miniature, an ultra-detailed miniature, a 3" statuette or a 6" statuette.

    Can it handle FAR WEST? Well you tell me:



    So yeah. Pretty damned nifty. Something to think about once you're getting ready to play...

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