Spirit and Compelling Aspects Question
  • Hi, I'm looking through the fragment that got posted today, and I'm confused on spirit, or at least the scale of it.

    If I'm playing at the default level of Initiate, and construct a character with the +7 build option, then I could create stats something like... 14/14/12/12/12 - that totals to 64 points. (I guess I'd get +2 to add, actually, so that's a total pool of 66 points, really.) So my starting Spirit pool is 1.5 that, which is... 99 points.

    I realize that I could decrease that with buying some Kung Fu, but only a maximum of 13 (I think) points per style, as that's the limit for my rank. So, let's say that I've taken two styles, which would be 26 points down, which means still 73 points of Spirit left. That seems like a lot.

    Each time I want to invoke one of my Aspects, does that just cost 1 point of Spirit? Seems like I could invoke my Spirit all day long - I'm assuming it resets to the max with a full day's rest, but still... it seems that invoking aspects is pretty cheap. What rules may I have missed?

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    jcfiala said:

    What rules may I have missed?

    The ones you haven't seen yet. :) (The full rules for Spirit use are in Chapter IX, Furious Action.)

    Once you've read that chapter, it'll make more sense. But, briefly, yes -- Aspect invoking is pretty cheap. But there are tons of other ways in which your Spirit will be used:

    Outside of Aspects, Spirit can also be spent to adjust die rolls after the fact (you can see Edges governing this, for example Tiger Stance on page 47), for situations when you need a boost to put you over the top.

    You can also (if you have the Martial Training Edge) transfer temporary Spirit to another person, for their use.

    Spirit can also be used to heal wounds, and also to reduce incoming damage (a use which does not fall under the Spirit-per-turn spending limit -- you're not spending it, it's energy that's being destroyed by damage).

    ...and no, Spirit doesn't reset to the max after a full day's rest. There are different methods for recovery (story awards, rest, meditation, etc.), but none are a automatic top off back to max.

    Also: as an aside: I would expect an initiate to have more than 2 kung fu styles (especially once play starts, and you start encountering foes who might have counters to your styles, requiring you to find counters to theirs, etc.) That will be clearer once you see the NPCs listed in Chapter X: A Fistful of Bastards.

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  • Hm. I thought initiates were limited to two martial art styles, but I'm perfectly willing to believe that's a side effect of trying to scarf down the file over lunch. I look forward to more.

    Oh, and I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with the default "Document Viewer" program to view pdf files, and the front page poem is all messed up... odd spaces between letters. I'm willing to believe there's a font not being applied properly.
  • Does this mean a PC should hold some edges back at character creation to save for martial arts counters? Or will there be some other way to acquire additional martial arts edges short of gaining rank?

    And the 1st page doesn't look right for me either: Adobe Reader on an iPad Air.
  • Yeah, the issue was a fonts permission problem on page one. We've solved it:

    Click here to see the corrected page.

    lithicbee said:

    Does this mean a PC should hold some edges back at character creation to save for martial arts counters? Or will there be some other way to acquire additional martial arts edges short of gaining rank?

    Yes, there will be ways of acquiring Edges without gaining rank. You've got space of 6 Edges between the starting number of each rank -- in fact, character advancement will actually proceed in additional Edges and then rising in rank.

    There are also ways to improve kung fu styles themselves -- adding additional effects (including making a style into a counter, for example).

    This is covered in the advancement rules in Chapter XII: Secret Scrolls of Kung Fu (the Narrator's chapter).

    But yes, if a player wanted to hold an Edge or two back, just in case, they could do that as well. I'll add a statement to that effect on page 34.
  • That new page 1 looks much better.

    I look forward with hungry mind to more of the book.

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