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    Thanks for setting up these forums! I hope we'll have a lot of cool discussions here in the future.
  • Yeah, can't wait to get the book. So stoked about the setting.
  • Woo hoo! I'm glad to see the forums live. One step closer to having Far West active and running the way we all hope it will.
  • *boing boing boing*
  • Nihao, y'all. Reckon this here's one of the most anticipated releases in quite a spell, sure enough, and well worth the wait.

    Plus: GreyFalcon

  • Nice to see the forums are up. It's a more important announcement to me today then you know that other big announcement that's floating around.
  • Nice to be here. Thanks for the Forums...

    Rico- Wanderer of the Dust Road
  • こにちわ

    I'm happy to be here.
  • Great to be a part of this. Can't wait for the book.
  • Hi Guys and Girls really looking forward to seeig how the game pans out over the upcoming few months and seeing what the future brings
  • Ni hao! It'll be nice to meet you all through the course of the year and talking about the Far West!

    My brother and I used to game together many years ago, but with kids, console games and other responsibilities, gaming took a back seat. This game has rekindled his interest and we're looking forward to getting a weekly game together in the Far West.

  • Also, Ni hao ma!

    We also can't wait for it. I have a question, is it still possible to upgrade to buy a book, I came in at the $10 level due to being unemployed at the time. I'm better off now, so I'm wondering if I can upgrade to a book before the order is made?
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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking forward to this game and I hope we build the kind of the community here that people can point to as an example of friendly discussion.


  • SO glad to be here! My students saw me get excited when I got the notification about the forums so I explained what it was all about. Considering the class I teach, you just probably got 25+ more sales!

    Looking forward to everything coming, GMS and crew!

    -"Zaksquatch" Zak Sawyer
  • Very much looking forward to the book and reading everyone's experiences in the Far West.

    Thanks for everything Adamant crew!

    _ Jason "Jaysin1414" Childs
  • I got the e-mail and tweet in the middle of lunch and nearly spilled my drink on my phone in my excitement! Great way to start off the first day of classes and I can't wait to see what other Far West related things come out of the woodwork next!

  • I just found out that this forum had gone live.
    I'm very much looking forward to talking about all things Far West for years to come.
  • Hey everyone, sorry for taking so long to drop in here.
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    Hello, everyone. Just arrived here as well. Took my time, I know. :)

    Plus: rexroad33

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    Why am I having a flashback to Cheers all of a sudden?

    Plus: The1WiTheGun

  • "How ya doin' today, Mr. Peterson?"
    "Well, Woody, it's a dog-eat-dog world and I'm wearin' Milk Bone underwear. Pour me a beer, would ya?"

    Plus: lithicbee

  • Officially here now. Pass the bourbon.
  • Howdy folks, just sauntered in... nice place ya got here.
  • *tips her hat*

    Howdy, folks. I'm passin' through these parts, lookin' for my brother. He went off after a traitorous lawman who turned into some kind o' monster. I don't want any trouble, now. I'm just travelin' the Far West, same as y'all.

    Now, whatcha got to drink 'round here?
  • Just some moonshine 'm afraid ma'am. But if you need help findin' someone, 'm sure there'll be a patron or two willin' to lend a hand.
  • Much obliged. I'll be needin' supplies for myself and my horse, Queen. I'll be headin' west in a day or so, just long enough to rest a bit.

    What's the news 'round these parts?
  • News? Oh, we don't genrally have much in the way of news or hijinks round these here parts, and that's how we like it.

    Has someone been telling you differently?
  • That's what I heard, pardner. Came here hopin' for some news, some good food and a warm bed for a night or two.

    What brought you here?
  • My health. I came here for the waters.
  • We also have the worst pianist this side of the east coast.
  • Hey... I could always go back to my banjo.
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    This amused me, the basics are, you suck = you win


    Plus: rexroad33

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    Given our kickstarter origin, thought this might interest some here. I am not associated with the project.
  • Very cool invention! I'm going to try to convince my wife to go for those as replacement wedding bands. We'll see how that works out.
  • Those are very cool. My wife is more inclined to go with the Stargate rings as wedding bands. Can't find a current link. Spotted them thru facebook last month.
  • l need to change shipping info for my preordered copy, how do I go about doing that?
  • If you're a kickstarter backer, check your email for "Project Update #196". Otherwise try sending a p/m via the forums.
  • Hello! I just found out about this awesome mash-up today! It seems like this has been under my radar for a while... so how do I give you my money? Can I still pre-order a RPG book?
  • The book will be regularly available soon -- we're going to be delivering to the Kickstarter backers (first digital, then shipping the print version). After the backers have theirs, we release the digital version for general release, followed by the print version into gaming stores, Amazon, etc.

    I expect that you'll be able to pick it up before the end of the year.
  • Any updates? Haven't heard anything in a few months.
  • Happy New Year!

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