GenCon Far West Meet-Up?
  • Any folks attending GenCon, who are free on Saturday night -- would you be interested in meeting up at some place where we can grab a bite and a drink? Not sure of the venue yet, but this will be an informal thing -- just a chance to put faces to names and chat a bit.

    If this is of interest, sound off below!
  • I do have a game scheduled Saturday evening, but getting a chance to hang with y'all takes priority. :-)
  • My Saturdays are usually pretty open at GenCon so I can do things like this so just give me a time and place(or if you want off the beaten path I used to live in Indy too)
  • As of now I have no plans. I would love to get together and meet some of the other people.
  • I'd like to meet up too. Right now, no plans for Sat night, so I'll check back to see what's up.
  • Sure. I only have a narrow window from 7-7:45, but don't let me hold y'all up.
  • I wanted something like this last year, and would be interested in seeing it this year. We could watch Death Trance, or chat, or drink ourselves silly...
  • Not planning on a viewing party --- just a spot where we can meet, chat, maybe grab a bite or a drink.

    I'm currently scouting venues.
  • OK -- Let's meet in the lobby of the Omni Severin (40 West Jackson Place) at 7:00pm on Saturday. If we want to grab drinks or food, there's a bar & grill right there (or we can walk from there to anywhere nearby, if somebody has a suggestion).

    So let's see some RSVPs -- Who should I expect, and how will we spot ya?
  • Just a reminder, folks -- TS Luikart and I will be in the lobby of the Omni Severin in 2 hours -- at 7pm! Look for us!
  • Virtual fist bump from someone not in the country to all who turned up.
  • Sadly, it was just TS and I. Nobody else managed to make it.
  • This saddens me. But let's look at the bright side, it was probably because you have an international audience.
  • True -- and it also allowed TS and I to have a nice in-person production meeting. :)

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