FAR WEST Miniature Suggestions
  • Hey folks--

    Eventually, we'd love to produce a line of FAR WEST miniatures. We don't have the ability to produce them ourselves at the moment (3D printing is great, and I'm a passable sculptor, but I don't have the time to get up to more than "passable" :) ) -- if you know of any miniatures producers who might be interested in a license or a partnership, feel free to send them in my direction.

    But until that time, we'll all have to make do with existing minis from other lines, and that's what this thread is for. Post links to miniatures that you think are especially appropriate (with pics, if you can -- our forum uses standard HTML so just use the "img src=" method).

    Fire away! I'll be adding some myself in a bit.
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    These are pretty standard wild west miniatures but they should look the part, I especially like the mountain men.

    Plus: GMSkarka, Gobbo

  • " but I don't have the time"

    this is an important statement...this kickstarter was much too big for you too do with your current resources. In the future please expand your resources before working on more far west.
    the people that make Blackwatergulch would make great partners. When you are done with far west you should touch base with them and see if you could do another KS for minis (and mini game?)
  • There is another Kickstarter currently running that has some good figures for this it is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wildwestexodus/wild-west-exodus-sci-fi-western-miniatures-game?ref=live

    I am backing it just cause I know one of the creators and love Deadlands style games.
  • Tpryan01 said:

    this kickstarter was much too big for you too do with your current resources.

    Not exactly true -- it didn't start off too big, but the combination of the runaway success (and our not realizing the impact that the success would have on the stretch goals we'd offered, work-load-wise) and then the problems with losing 1/3 of our team, made it too big. Lesson learned.

    But that's off-topic for this discussion. The Blackwater Gulch folks are a great suggestion, though.

    (Interesting to note: Both they and Wild West Exodus are doing larger-scale (30, 35mm) rather than 25 to 28. I guess minis are getting bigger....)
  • I have some of the Blackwater Gulch miniatures. They're 28mm. While slightly larger than the 25mm stuff I have from Old Glory, they're in scale with other minis I have that are marketed as 28mm.

    The Wild West Exodus minis, based on the size comparison on their Kickstarter page, are simply too large to be of interest. Why go out of your way to produce minis that are in scale with nothing else, including commonly available buildings?
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    The currently line for Malifaux has some great figures that would fit well in with far west.

    Plus: GMSkarka

  • This was recently pointed out to me by a friend: "Dead Man's Hand" is a set of western skirmish rules from the UK-based Great Escape Games. They've got some really excellent miniatures and even better scenery that you can purchase (links to the minis, etc. are in the drop down on the upper left):


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