Spread The Word of FAR WEST (even more)?
  • The last few days I was thinking about how to possibly spread the word about FAR WEST to an even larger audience than the already existing fan base here. A possible idea I would offer for discussion is this:

    Yahoo Groups just as an example has many groups / boards dedicated to PBEMs (Play-By-Email-Games) that take regular tabletop gaming to the internet. Basically it is novella style cooperative fan fiction where the story is written by the group members. Over the years I have seen and / or participated in PBEMs that covered Highlander. Star Trek, Vampire - The Masquerade or Star Wars. Some were short-lived, others are still going reasonably strong after twenty years.

    There are other PBEMs that use the forum style but so far I found Yahoo Groups that best outlet for fan fic type writing.

    Since FAR WEST specifically aims to cover different media, it might be appropriate as well. It creates awareness for the game (potentially at least), it is easy, it is for free and most of all it is a fun outlet for creativity even if you don´t have a group of gamers in your neighborhood to play with around a real desk.
  • I wouldn't mind (other than the fact that I don't use Yahoo Groups and would have to learn all its ins/outs). I was considering hosting a play by post forum game (or tumblr - episilotory style or something would be rather fun!) after the quickstart (or FW's equivalent) is out.

    And maybe a game on roll20 when a quickstart is out (I have th manuscripts already but I don't want to hand it out to my players sine none of them are backers).
  • Yahoo groups is rather user friendly. Setting up a group is done quickly. It is great compared to forums if you want something more novella–like as in Tales Of The Far West and not just short bursts of writing. If you write something heavy on dialogue or interaction you can write if offline with other players and publish the final product (commonly known as a joint post then) on the yahoo board.
    I will see if I can get a group together after the rules are out and if you start an online group of some sort I would not mind an invite either :)

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